Hot for President

I just heard Barbara Walters say out loud to Barack Obama what I have been thinking for awhile now. 

“We fwink dat yew are vewy sexy looking” 

I don’t care if I agree with a woman who is twice my age on what’s sexy, it’s TRUE. And I honestly don’t feel ok about it.  

Here’s the thing. He is young, tall, and attractive; he has a deep confident voice and can inspire thousands upon thousands when he speaks. He is funny, he is masculine, and he can even dance. He has this sweet, somewhat honest, self-deprecating way about him when he’s chatting but can turn on the important presidential “take no prisoners” voice when it’s appropriate. That’s it, put a fork in us, we’re done; he is someone a lot of American women, including myself, are fawning over. 

But that doesn’t feel right to me. What, I won’t vote for Hillary because she’s not hot? There is no doubt that she isn’t bringing in the crowds quite like she used to. She doesn’t have the speaking presence that Obama has. She can be a bit serious and hard edged. To hell with it, lets just face it, Hillary is just not “sex”.  But is that any reason not to vote for her? Absolutely not!  

I was a Hillary girl at the start. She is a smart woman with years of history in politics and the white house (and don’t tell me being the wife of a president gives you no experience). She is serious about the issues at hand, is extremely focused on health care reform and has some excellent ideas about how to lead this country out of its current mess. And while I would not vote for any candidate solely based on their gender, I was comforted that a smart woman, mother and women’s college graduate could very well lead this country. Yes! Perfect! This is what America needs at last! 

But as the weeks have gone on, some of that Hillary excitement has just faded away for me. Her true politicking has bubbled up to the surface on more than one occasion, her reactions to certain events haven’t been all that impressive, people deeply involved in the Democratic Party are backing Obama – she just hasn’t really kept the flame alive, you know? And I guess I feel sort’ve “eh” about her these days. 

Obama on the other hand, well, he continues to shine. No doubt, the press are stumbling over themselves to cover his every move. And today, even Barbara and her co-hosts giggled and told him he was cute. Shoot, did you know he’s even loosely related to Brad Pitt! Are you kidding me? People seem to want him as president… and people seem to want him, period. 

So I still haven’t 100% made up my mind whether I want Hillary or Obama in office (not like my vote counts anyway… thanks, DNC). Undoubtedly, I will wholeheartedly back whoever gets the democratic nomination. But I just need to get it off my chest. Obama is “vewy sexy looking” – these hearts in my eyes are not in good taste and it’s all rather unfeminist of me.  

Hillary, now is your chance to reign in the women of America. Show us the facts and set us straight. You have to get cracking. He will make an excellent president but the fact that he is Brad Pitt’s long lost relative is certainly working in his favor right now.  

In the meantime, will someone give Barbara and the rest of us a cold shower?







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