Toms Shoes: A Review and a Give-away


By now you should know that I won’t do a review on Morningside Mom unless there is something about that product that truly impresses me. Well, I have another one for you. Toms Shoes approached me and asked that I review a pair of shoes for them. But these aren’t just a pair of shoes. In case you don’t know about Toms Shoes, I am going to tell you what makes this specific shoe company so very special.

shoe4The Toms Shoes company was started by Blake Mycoskie after he visited Argentina and noticed how many children did not have any shoes. His dream for this company was to create a shoe that he could sell and give away. Let me explain further. He wanted his company to make it possible to donate one pair of shoes to a child in need with every one purchased. That’s right. And he did. After one year, he and his family and friends were ready to donate over 10,000 shoes to children in Argentina. Next stop was South Africa where he and his crew dropped off 50,000 shoes. And in 2008 it was planned that they donate over 200,000 shoes worldwide.

Ok, now watch this.

Pretty amazing, right?

Ok, so lets get down to the shoes themselves. What did I think?


Well, in terms of style, I was a liiiittle nervous. I’ll admit, I was worried they’d be kind of like grandma shoes. I am just being honest here. I wasn’t sure they’d really be my style. So I looked through all the various patterns available online and went for a fun “Element” shoe style. At least I knew these shoes wouldn’t look anything like what Grandma would wear.

shoes2But here’s the thing. When I got them, they actually looked a lot cooler than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised. And my favorite part about the shoes? When I slipped them on, I didn’t want to take them off. Because, my friend, they’re like butta. So dang comfy. Granted, they don’t have a ton of support – these are flat shoes made of canvas. But they are well made and I really, truly never want to take them off. (Maybe I should get Grandma a pair, I think she wouldn’t take them off either.)

Now down to the fun part.

It’s giveaway time!

I have the DVD of their award winning documentary about their first shoe drop in Argentina and a coupon code worth $50 in Tom’s Shoes to give away to a Morningside Mom reader.

How do you enter? Leave a comment below about a time you’ve given back to your community or something you would like to do for your community. Real answers please, don’t just respond with some general Ms. America “I want to save the world” comment. Think about it for the sake of making change happen – like Toms Shoes has.

I will pick a winner at random on Monday March 16th.

Thanks and good luck!


Ilinap from Dirt and Noise was picked at random and has won the Toms Shoes giveaway! Congrats Ilinap!



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10 responses to “Toms Shoes: A Review and a Give-away

  1. It’s forever from now, but I am going to do the Komen 3 Day in 2010. (When I’m done nursing.) My best friend’s mother died of breast cancer and I want to walk for her, and for my boys, for a cure.

  2. I have signed up to help with the food bank. I have not volunteered yet but hope to do this with my oldest daughter. I will also be hosting a fundraiser on my blog in May to help raise money for brain tumor awareness.

  3. I try to do as much as I can, but right now my favorite thing is volunteering the my Cub Scout. My husband and I have been involved for the last 2 years (this is our 3rd!) and I have really enjoyed watching the boys gain knowledge about the world around them and learning how to be good scouts, good sons, good members of our community. We have a lot of fun doing trash pickup, making Valentine’s cards for the elderly, participating in Kids Against Hunger that puts together boxes of food to send off for children who don’t get enough to eat. I know I’m not saving the world, but I am hoping that one day, one of my scouts will.

  4. I wrote about Toms Shoes last March…I simply happened upon them on my own and wanted to write about what an awesome company it is. I hope you share this post with them so can see how many fans they have!

    As for saving my little corner of the world, I am organizing a team for the Race for the Cure this summer. I’m also volunteering at my son’s school with literacy centers. I bet some of these kids don’t have parents who spend 1:1 time with them at home like we do. Don’t get me started…

  5. I work as a police dispatcher and each year at Christmas we do “Shop with a Cop”. My coworkers and I donate money from our checks each year into the fund and then in December we take the children of families that we’ve come in contact with over the year that have been having some rough times shopping for Christmas. I volunteer my time to go with the police officer to help him shop with the kids. This year we had a wonderful time shopping with two little boys and their 3 year old sister. After shopping we all stopped at McDonalds for lunch.

    It was really a blast to see the kids buying their favorite toys and knowing we made a difference in their lives. I think that in addition to getting some great toys, it fosters a life-long admiration for police officers for these kids. It’s also nice to know that we’re actually giving back to the community we work in and having a front row view of the good we helped create.

  6. Andrea

    I spent a year and a half working in a residential group home for teenagers. Though it was so hard to constantly be yelled at and cussed out, I know I made a difference in the lives of those youth. It was so awesome seeing the little breakthroughs, as though we had begun to chip away at the walls they had been building for so long. When the group would get down on themselves, we would take them to serve at a homeless shelter to show them what they really did have. We spent many Tuesday afternoons playing Bingo at the local nursing home, allowing our kids to see that other appreciate their company, helping them to believe they DO have worth. Even though I do not work there anymore, and almost all of the youth I worked with are elsewhere, I still fondly think of that house where little miracles happen each and every day. I’m actually working with a friend to allow a group of youth to start volunteering there. I’m so excited to get back into it!!

  7. I will be working with my friend Laura to get her group home for young mothers off the ground! She needs volunteers, and I will be spending time at the house helping out when I’m able. I will also be working with her fundraising events, which are always great community activities.

  8. Right now my mom and I are gathering up all the books that we decided we don’t want to read or have read enough that we are willing to part with, and donating them to the local newspaper. The newspaper, in turn, sells them (for about .50-$1) a couple nights a month, and all money raised goes towards the county’s literacy program. Last year my mom and I donated 17 boxes of books just from our house! And this year we have more to donate yet again. 🙂

  9. little

    i’m a biology/public health major and want to go into the health field, but in my free time i’ve earned my paralegal certificate so that i would be able to volunteer to help provide legal services to those who need it but perhaps cannot afford it.

    i love the story behind toms, so inspiring. they are doing such amazing things!

  10. Crunchy domestic goddess

    I often pick up trash in my neighborhood and park. I also regularly donate food to the local food bank and donate no longer worn clothes to charity. Toms seems like a great company. The environmentalist in me has to wonder what happens to all of the shoes once they are worn out though. How are they disposed? Thanks.

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