I Look Like Morningside Mom and I Smell Like One Too


I remember exactly where I was a year ago today. Brow sweaty and tense with insecurity, I was hunched over my old (now passed on) “shitty shitty bang bang ” PC. While I glared at that massive, yellowed monitor, my mind was overwhelmed with writing that simply needed out. I remember rethinking, questioning and toiling over that first blog post. (Groan.) Word by word, out it came. And then the transition moment arrived: I clicked publish. And it was done. My Morningside Mom weblog was born.

It was a girl, awkward and new. Posts stumbled over themselves, too long, too weird, falling flat on their face. She tried to grasp HTML and SEO concepts, but they slipped through her tiny fingers, infuriating her. But little by little, my girl got stronger. Every post became a little more confident. She even found her voice along the way and does a fairly decent job at using her words nicely. She is growing up.

And now look at her. Publishing posts without even a thought, actually entertaining folks in feed readers and jet-setting off to NYC with really nice people.

And one year old!

I am so proud. No I am. I never expected much from this whole thing. Simply a place to put my thoughts when all I did was “mommy” all day. Of course, I am more than a “mommy”. I love my children but a year ago today I felt it was high time I honored myself by speaking my mind a little more often. After all, before I was a mother I was a woman, a thinker, a leader, a wife, a sister, a kid, a women’s college grad, a political junkie, a hard worker, a talker and a friend. And this blog has allowed me to be all of these things once again while I “mommy” within the four walls of my home.

So Happy Birthday little one. You have so much more growing to do but what a change in one year.

Oh and both my blog and my readers should expect a birthday gift from me soon. An almost“grown up” blog deserves to actually look the part. I am working on updating and giving my girl a new look.

Stay posted – we’ll be able to tear the paper off this sucker and see what we got very soon.



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10 responses to “I Look Like Morningside Mom and I Smell Like One Too

  1. wooohoooo… you’ve coem a long way baby! Happy bloggy B’day

  2. Gail

    Be careful! Remember what two-years can be like!


  3. Happy Blogaversary! I know what a long strange trip this journey has been.

  4. Happy Blogiversary to you! Congratulations on a great first year.

  5. Happy Birthday, Morningside Mom! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished in just a year. I’m so impressed with you! Yes, our blogs have proved to be an amazing outlet for the other qualities we possess besides just our mommy personas. I can’t wait to see your new digs!

  6. Happy birthday! You are fairly new in my reader – but I’ve been enjoying every post!

  7. For every birthday wish, for every reader here, for every bit of support – thank you, truly.

  8. DWJ

    Happy anniversary! I know how good it feels to get to the 1 year mark. Do you think we’ll experience the terrible 2’s as well next year?

  9. Congratulations- something to be proud of and party about!

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