A Room with a View and a VT

I’m here and this suburbia bumpkin is amazed. It is hard to get perspective on how utterly awesome Time Square really is. Like trying to capture the depth and size of Grand Canyon, two dimensional pictures are frustrating and minimizing. But offI go, stumbling along, taking pictures of everything around me and moving along in a stream of people, voices, languages, cultures.

Today I head out for a tour of the city and tonight we are going to see the Vivienne Tam show. Its fashion week so its very fabulous around here. 

I’ll leave you with a pic of my room. This is where I sit and post and tweet and annoy all with my “I’M IN NYC!!” updates. I’ll be back with more but the tour bus is waiting.



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6 responses to “A Room with a View and a VT

  1. I heart NY and sometimes I really miss living there.

  2. I absolutely love NYC! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the view.

  3. Enjoy! I’ve lived in NY my whole life (Brooklyn & Long Island) and Manhattan still amazes me every time I’m there.

  4. Jen

    Hey, love your blog. A girl after my own heart.
    I love NYC.


  5. Look at you blogger. Hope you are having fun!

  6. I love that you have all the “special” things in one place – including Twilight!

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