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Experiencing the Vivienne Tam Show


After an evening trying to whip myself together into some sort of presentable look for fashion week, myself and the 20 other bloggers tromped out into the rain to go see the Vivienne Tam show.

What did I expect? Some very beautiful, thin, doe eyed girls trooping around in fabulous outfits and a crew of fashionistas getting it so much more than I am, and eyeing everyone up and down. I doubted I’d see VT herself, but what do I know about how these events go down…

And what happened?

Well, we arrived, were escorted right in and handed glasses of champagne. And there was Vivienne Tam standing with all the models in front of a row of Touchsmart HP screens! After many pictures, the models moved on and the crowd mingled. The wonderful DWJ from the Art of Accessories grabbed my hand (I love this woman, by the way) and managed to get us in for a picture with Vivienne Tam herself!

Um. Is this my life? Here we are. (I have no idea what happened with my hair. I am clearly channeling “A Flock of Seagulls”. Whatever. I’m standing next to her!)


And then a few minutes later, they lined up all the bloggers with Vivienne Tam and took endless pictures. This sounds silly but I totally had a red carpet moment all of the sudden. Little ol’ me. Whoda thunk. I don’t have a big group shot now but will post one when I do.

Anyway, we saw the amazing collection. Its absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with a beautiful leather dress of hers and was amazed by the beauty of the detail in her dresses.


A Mom in Red High Heels and I checked out the Touchsmart PCs. We pulled up our sites and took pics of ourselves at the event.

We talked to interesting people, learned more about the inspiration of her collection (which I hope to post more about in the future) and just generally had an amazing time.


I think what impressed me most was Vivienne herself. She was so taken aback that we were all women bloggers there to support her show. She said it meant so much to have women supporting her this way and was extremely appreciative of us being there. I said to her that women bloggers absolutely adore this mini and all want one. Her face absolutely lit up. She spun around to some very nice man behind her. “Did you hear that?? The bloggers love the Mini!!!” She was genuine, she was warm, she was truly grateful to have us there.

Grateful. Yes. My words exactly.

What an amazing evening.

For more information about the HP products I review, please visit my HP Update page.





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Wordless Wednesday: Two Year Old Pathetic-ness

My poor sweet two year old boy. In my far from humble mommy opinion, there is nothing more pathetic in the world than a two year old with a 100.1 fever and a goopy case of pink eye.


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Happy Halloween: Yes We Carve!

From my spooky little spot in Florida, here’s wishing you and yours a very happy Halloween!

Here are a few pics from pumpkin carving last night in my household!

(Get your own “Yes We Carve” Stencil here.)


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Wordless Wednesday: Wild Boar Caught on Film

Last time, all we saw was the damage. This time, the boar, feral pig, whatever the heck you wanna call them, attacked our lawn in broad daylight. My mother was home babysitting my napping son while I dared go get a haircut. And as she casually walked into the living room, she looked out the window and saw this sow and her five babies rooting through my previously patched up and carefully fertilized backyard. Being a blogger’s mother, before she shooed them off, she grabbed her camera. “I knew you’d want to blog about this!” Right she was.

Of ALL things. This pig had to be a mama. With five babies.

What am I going to do????

Initially they weren’t scared of my mother’s shooing but eventually they ran off.

And left one third of my back yard in utter shambles.


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Wacky Hat Wednesday.

I’m really tired. I was up late watching Hillary of the Orange Pantsuit wow the world. And then my brain got overwhelmed by all the post game analysis so I got caught up in a Making The Band episode on MTV. Yup, those brain cells of mine were firing away until the wee hours. (Smacking forehead now.)

So, you never know what a little sleep deprivation might inspire. Oh wait. No sleep, a crazy two year old with an afinity for dress-up and a collection of hats? Well – heck yeah – that spells humor to me. So join me and celebrate Wacky Hat Wednesday.

Do you have any crazy kid hat pictures? Share. I want to see them. I think hats are kind of funny today.

(Oh and yes, that’s an empty Yingling box. …What? There are some beers left. Three I think. Want one? It’s beer o’clock somewhere. …Ugh, yeah, actually – I just really wish I drank coffee.)

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