Michelle Obama as First Lady, Feminist and Mom in Chief


I can’t help but empathize with Michelle Obama right now. As a mother of two small children myself, I keep trying to imagine what she is going through as she prepares her family for life in the White House. I think about her little girls growing up in Washington DC as I did, attending a school right down the road from where I grew up. And as I empathise with our future first lady, my ears perk up when I read both about the support and criticism she is receiving as an accomplished woman who has decided to make her role in the White House “mom-in-chief”.

There can be no more daunting task than trying to raise the First Children. Can you imagine? Your daughters must live in a virtual museum with some of the tightest security world wide. There is no spontaneously running over to a neighbor’s house to play.  They will be isolated and protected from the world and yet they will have the most public lives of any child.

And so Michelle Obama has chosen to make parenting these children her priority. However, within days of learning about her future in the White House, Michelle had already received her fair share of advice. Hillary has jumped in to say her piece. Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie, had a few things to say. And even FDR’s grandson offered some words of wisdom. While Michelle did not formally ask for Laura Bush’s advice, the current first lady did share her suggestions with the press later.

I wonder what comfort she has taken from all of this advice, if any. I wonder how much more advice is coming down the pike from other celebrity parents or those with political agendas or even advice from your average “Jane Parent” who always thinks she knows better anyway.

However, while Michelle prepares her girls and faces all of this advice, she must deal with those who already criticize her decision to put her girls first. Michelle is certainly an accomplished woman. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she continued on to work as an associate at a law firm and hold six board of director positions. She founded programs, she lead community outreach – she made “change” happen long before it was cool for an Obama to do so. But now, as her husband has been elected to be President, she has chosen to bring her career to a screeching halt and just be… well… a mom.

In a fascinating article written by Rebecca Traister at Salon.com, Michelle’s choices to focus on the traditional worries of a First Lady leave the author concerned. 

“…some of the most extraordinary [qualities of Michelle Obama] — the ones that set her apart from many of her predecessors in the East Wing — are already falling victim to a nostalgic complacency about familial roles, and to an apparent commitment to re-creating Camelot with an African-American cast, but little modern tweaking of the role of wife and mother.”

She argues Michelle could push the envelope and bring a more career minded feminist into the role of a first lady. She seems disappointed she has chosen to put her role as a mother and wife first and foremost, while leaving all the rest behind.

Ruth Marcus from the Washington Post discusses the ever present question that arises between married parents such as the Obamas: who will work and who will raise the children?

“The brutal reality is that, like our president-elect, most men do not wrestle quite so strenuously with these competing desires [to work or raise your family]. So when the needs of our families collide with the demands of our jobs, it is usually the woman’s career that yields.”

She implies that Michelle was not given much of a choice in this matter. When Obama was elected President, her career had to end. And there was no other choice but to make her children a priority.

But has Michelle truly failed as a feminist by focusing on her children? Is her career an utter failure because she is stepping aside from it for the meantime? Has she lost all credibility as a potentially new, modern, variety of First Lady?

According to Geraldine Brooks at The Daily Beast, she can make parenting her priority while still representing women as a powerful example.

“She is smart enough and subtle enough to have worked out that so-called Mom issues can make for meaty public policy.”

And then explains that her position as a mother in the White House will in fact bring much needed attention to women who struggle daily as they balance their careers and family.

“Work-family balance? What is that, really, but a polite way of putting the feminist agenda of equal pay and decent childcare back on the table after so many years of neglect?”

Meghan O’Rourke at Slate.com sympathises that, once again, no matter if a woman chooses either work or parenting as the priority, they will be criticized for their choice. And most of often a woman’s biggest critic is herself. She then goes on to make this final point.

“The best way Michelle Obama can act as a role model for women right now is not by making the decision any one of us would make (because we’d all make different decisions), but by reminding us that life is fleeting, and we ought to immerse ourselves in the opportunities and joys of our own life as it exists. Not as it might exist.”

And so my identification with Michelle Obama remains true. With two small children, and a mountain of advice, she must trust her instincts and raise her girls the best way she knows how.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will change the role and perceptions of the First Lady. And however she shakes things up, she has already made it unapologetically clear that she will make her girls her priority. In my mind’s eye, as a mother and brilliant leader able to remain fluid in her many roles as a woman, Michelle will make an excellent “First Feminist” indeed.

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4 responses to “Michelle Obama as First Lady, Feminist and Mom in Chief

  1. I feel sorry for her too, because I think her role as First Lady will be constraining for her. I would not assign the term feminist to her however, since she does not ascribe to titles and appears to have some difficulty with that one.


    As a black woman, If she does ascribe to womens equality principals, she might she might turn out to be a womanist, since that would be more in line with her church.

    Right now she is just trying to get by as a Jackie Kennedy impersonation. She might be a role model for some, but she is not yet a leader.

    You know, even Phyllis Schlafly had a job. She isn’t a feminist either.


  2. Your Hot SIL (not Meryl, you doofus)

    Oh, no. You’ve hit a peeve!

    Oh, Michelle! How DARE you DEMEAN yourself by choosing to do the work that women have done since the dawn of civilization! Everyone knows that the only “real” important work happens in shiny office buildings with shiny floors and employees with shiny shoes!

    What a feminist idea.

    Look, being the President pretty much means that your spouse will be taking over the personal affairs of your family, in addition to the 800,000 other “Presidential Spouse” duties that people never think about. Even just a few years after Seneca Falls, the position of First Lady was seen as a full-time job, and Pres. Buchanan had to tote a maiden niece along for the job.

    Michelle Obama could prove to be a great heroine to educated, professional moms across the nation: Yeah, we CAN have it “all.” But we don’t have to have it all at the same time. Taking care of kids really is a full-time job. So is being a lawyer. Or a doctor. Or a teacher, or a plumber, or a tax accountant, or an exotic dancer, or a secretary, or a gas station attendant. And, you know what? There are only so many hours in a day and a human being only has so much energy. I say, Hooray for Michelle Obama for having the self-awareness and maturity to know the difference between “I can do anything” and “I can do everything.”

  3. 1. I’m not quite sure what you mean, since no one thinks staying home with the kids is anti feminist.

    2. She had a full time career in addition to her children.

    3. She didn’t set aside her career because of her children, but because of her husband.

    4. MO herself doesn’t like to use the label. If she doesn’t want to describe herself that way why should we? Should she not define herself?

    5. We have been down this road before. We already know that some First Spouses are more activist than others. We don’t know yet, how MO will define her role, except as she has, as the wife of a campaigning presidential candidate.

    The point is she may in fact be a feminist. That is to say, she may be someone who believes in equality for women. Until she says it we don’t know.

  4. I have the utmost faith in Michelle Obama. She is as classy as they come and those children will grow up rich with love, support, education and experience. They will be well-rounded and intelligent, very unfamiliar to the partying Jenna Bush’s of the world.

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