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This weekend I had the opporitunity to try out a very fun new kind of movie making software called Muvee Reveal. Lucky me, I was approached last week and asked if I would like to do a review of the product. Considering I have a lovely new Canon HD video camera and the overwhelming project to create a “Best of my kids’ Christmases” DVD as a gift for my family… well, this review could not have come at a better time.

A newly updated version from the muvee autoproducer family, Muvee Reveal was explained to me as a very easy to use software that will create professional movies in a matter of four simple steps. I could not wait to try it out.

Sure enough. As soon as I downloaded the software, I added one hour of film I happened to have on my computer already. Then, clicked the transition I wanted, added a couple songs and pressed play. VOILA. Muvee Reveal took my film and transitioned through different scenes to the length of the songs I chose. While it did pull scenes randomly and flipped thorugh them fairly quickly, if I added more songs, it would lengthen the “show” and it really did a great job of picking nice scenes. I’m not sure how it does that. However, after doing some reading, apparently this software has a mind of its own and has been designed to focus on faces and sync them to the beat of the music. Um, how cool is that?

Now, if you want more control over the scenes, the transitions, the music, etc. – you can have that too. You can label scenes, do voice overs, add titles and credits and control which scenes you want in there. And then the software will help you share your movie just about anywhere such as the web, HD TV, a DVD or even your PSP.

So, do you want to play around with this software too? Well, guess what? The folks at Muvee were kind enough to offer TWO sets of software – valued at $79.95 – for a giveaway here on Morningside Mom. What a fun gift for someone (maybe even yourself) this holiday season, right? Read on for more details…

Muvee Reveal Blogger Cheer Giveaway

Well, if you know me, I like to do as much paying it forward as possible around these parts. And with this giveaway, I’d like to pay it forward to other bloggers. You see, I haven’t been reading in my google reader enough. I haven’t been spreading Blogger Karma NEARLY as much as I like to. So, maybe this contest can help with that. Especially with it being the holidays – lots of bloggers have ads on their sites and more hits could bring them a few more pennies from heaven. Lets help up some of their traffic!

Giveaway Rules

1) Go find your favorite blog, read one of their posts.

2) Comment. Tell them they wrote a great post and tell them you are going to post it here for this blogger cheer contest.

3) Come back here and paste their post link here.

4) You can enter as many blog sites as you would like. Each will count as an entry. I would encourage you to read some of the links others have posted too and comment on those!

5) I will pick two winners at random on Friday, December 19th.

That’s it! Now go love your fellow blogger and come back and tell me about it. I can’t wait to read some good posts and do some more giving this month. Good luck!

The best way to spread holiday cheer,

is reading blogs far and near!



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12 responses to “Muvee Reveal Blogger Cheer Giveaway

  1. I came across this post on Chickens in the Road this past weekend. All about the history of West Virginia hills where she’s moved with her kids. Generations of her family have lived there.

    (I’m on a Mac though, so I don’t know if the software works on a Mac. Thought I’d still spread some blogging Karma though.)

  2. Giving blogger cheer to @bizziemommy – you’ll love this post with her daughter’s Christmas show!

  3. Deb

    I’ll spread some cheer! (I love how you set up things!)

    I am not a Grinch at all, but I hate holiday clutter. (I can’t imagine how happy you were to get that HP magic shipped off, so who am I to complain!) I was so happy to see this post over at Dirt and Noise because I’m not alone. You can love the holidays but resent the crap.

  4. What if I want to link to one of your posts? OK, not the point. I get it.

    Here’s a taste of Dad’s House. You’ll be grateful your boys aren’t on his Christmas list!

  5. I really enjoy LipZip’s blog. Check out this recent post, about her little boy and Santa. It is so funny, it had me rolling!

  6. I’m a volunteer for Italian Greyhound Rescue, so I’m always looking for dog/pet-related blogs. Recently came across The Three Dog Blog. They are doing this great blog experiment, where commenters will be creating a dog story together. Check it out:

  7. Alright, well, I love this girl and I told her so.

  8. Jessica L.

    I love my friend Fidget’s blog. She is really funny, has super cute kids,and takes great pictures. Here’s one of my favorite posts.

  9. I have a friend who’s blog I should read more often, and so should you. Her writing is fantastic and so much fun. Please go spread some love over here:

  10. You have got to go check out Laura and her newest entry Wild Card blog tour. She is sharing an excert from a book and will do this randomly on her blog.

  11. Thoughts from the Mrs always has something upbeat and good to read. She shares the best and funniest pictures of her little man and encourages people to look for the positive in life.

  12. Alyson over at Three P’s always has great giveaways and product reviews. Well I just stumbled onto a very funny post that you must go and giggle at.

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