Morningside Mom Announces Her HP Giveaway Winner!


Congratulations to Laura, the President and Founder of the Moms Without Moms organization!

(Cue the confetti, parade, acrobats and cheering crowds!)

Why this organization? Here is a portion of her submission:

“Moms Without Moms was formed in April of 2006.  The mission of the organization is to provide a caring, comfortable, and nurturing environment of support to females who have lost their mothers, by indiscriminately encouraging positive and personal growth through companionship, leadership, and education. 
Moms Without Moms opened a maternity group home, the Laura Walker Project (named after my mother), which serves the needs of teenagers who are either pregnant or parenting.  A teenager living at the Laura Walker Project home receives an array of support and guidance:  emotional, educational, life skills, parenting, job skills, etc.  It is the desire of the Laura Walker Project to ensure that the girls are in a position to effectively care for themselves and their baby when they leave.  We are working with them to break the dependence on the public welfare system.”

If you visit their site, you will learn more about this amazing cause started by a woman with an incredible vision. I can already imagine the computers being used by new mothers looking for jobs, the touchscreen being used for classroom or educational use and the printer printing out pictures of the brand new babies. It feels like a perfect match for all of this hardware that needs to be put to good use (rather than just sitting in boxes, crowding up my hallway).

Regarding this competition, choosing a winner was extraordinarily difficult. I received over 300 submissions, each listing amazing charities and organizations  which would benefit greatly from these computers. There were also endless stories about families who have nothing right now, who are suffering during a very difficult time in our country and are hoping desperately for a little holiday magic to come their way. And there were many entries from abroad – entrants discussed the endless benefits these computers could bring to an orphanage or village who had dated PCs, if any at all.

How could I pick? How can little ol’ me decide whose entry was more worthwhile? It was an impossible task. When I finally cut down entries to a “short list”, even that hardly seemed short. No entry was more worthy than another. But I had to make one choice and go with it. And this was my choice. A wonderful one indeed.

Again congratulations Laura! We’ll be following up with her in the near future. I can’t wait to see how her organization and project benefits from these computers.

Now, to those of you who did not win. Please keep a look out. I will be listing many of the sites and causes you submitted in a future post. I am hoping that perhaps someone reading my blog will consider donating to your causes. I know it’s not a bunch of computers, but its the best I can offer you. Also, do not forget: the other HP bloggers are running their contests through this month. Try and enter at any of their sites too!

Thanks again to every entrant, I was truly inspired by the charity in your hearts. Blessings for a wonderful Holiday Season.

For more information about the HP products I review, please visit my HP Update page.



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11 responses to “Morningside Mom Announces Her HP Giveaway Winner!

  1. Sushruta

    Congratulations madam Laura.

  2. Fantastic! What an awesome organization! Are you going to share, morningside mom, some of the organizations that folks talked about in their submissions? I’d love to see that.

  3. Bridget – Yes, I will be. See the bottom of my post! 🙂 It will take some organizing tho, so bear with me! But there are so many amazing organizations out there – I am anxious to share them. I would be beyond thrilled if giving them props on my little blog winds up getting them some further support.

  4. deb

    Hurray! I can imagine that these young women and those that work with them will be helped and inspired immeasurably! Excellent gift. Caroline, you rock for sharing your Hp magic in this way. So many will benefit.

  5. Amazing, Caroline! Some things are definitely meant to be. I know this was a difficult decision, and you’re such a wonderful person for making it. Your choice will make an incredible impact on the lives of these young women!

  6. Not only helping moms but helping the children start off on the right foot in life- great choice

  7. thats cheating how can the owner / founder win her own entry??

  8. diysociology

    So glad you will be able to help young women and their children as well! This sounds like a terrific organization.

  9. Suchit – My rules stated that there is one winner and that winner can choose to share all or some of the prize. She entered the contest as an individual. In her entry she stated she is choosing to share it entirely with her non profit organization, which clearly benefits folks other than herself. “Charitable individuals will be rewarded” – and that she is.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments! 🙂

  10. That is awesome! I am dreading the choosing, but really looking forward to lifting up another person or group in my chance to be Santa this year. It’s coming sooo soon! Getting a little nervous!

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