Wordless Wednesday: Two Year Old Pathetic-ness

My poor sweet two year old boy. In my far from humble mommy opinion, there is nothing more pathetic in the world than a two year old with a 100.1 fever and a goopy case of pink eye.



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7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Two Year Old Pathetic-ness

  1. Aw, poor thing. Just pathetic. 😦

  2. Poor baby! I hope he is feeling better soon…

  3. Ooohhh…we had that last week…along with strep…so pleasant.

    Hope the drops work quickly!

  4. Oh, so sad. Hope he’s all better soon.

  5. aw…the poor little guy. I would be sad to see my son like that too.

  6. Willie

    Ha, that headline was funny. This morning at work, after minutes of pondering, I settled on Wordsworth Wednesday as the heading of my task list.

  7. Oh, this sweet picture makes me want to give him a great big hug. Poor kiddo.

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