What Do I Get My Kids for Christmas?


So, I was standing there in the toy section of Target today, with my two year old tantruming at my feet (same ol’, same ol’), and my Christmas budget numbers swimming in my head… when I hit a wall.

Not a real wall, although, that is certainly possible these days. My tantruming child and bad eyes can keep me from walking in a straight line a LOT of the time. However, the wall I hit was a mental one. I had to stop. The colorful boxes and stacks of hasbro toys piled to the ceiling just seemed to blur together…

What am I going to get my kids for Christmas?

I really have NO idea.

Ok, the BIG gift is taken care of. It’s really a huge splurge for us. But we couldn’t help it. My husband calls it the “Red Ryder bb gun of today’s generation”. What is it? Drumroll… a Wii. Yeah, none of you folks are shocked as your own fingers itch to try your own hidden Wii out too… maybe if I just tested it, maybe if I just sliiiid it out of it’s box ever so carefully… Um. I digress.

So we have the “Red Ryder” gift for the big day. And in some ways, that’s pretty good and everything else should be knick knacks off the dollar store shleves, right? Well, yeah, the two $1.00 Snoopy coloring books I wound up buying at Target (after hitting said wall) certainly count for that. But if I *DID* happen to want to pick up a few more things, and make those carefully earned and budgeted dollar bills really count… what should I get? I am really at a loss this year.

And I have been happy to give out advice about what to give other people’s pre-schoolers but that’s stuff I already know about – or have. But standing there in Target, with beautifully, exciting and fun packaged stuff all around me… well, I didn’t know what to do. What should I get?

By the way – YES – I have asked T. what he wants for Christmas. His response? An etch-a-sketch… and a Wii. Ok, so maybe I should just leave it at that. But, c’mon, a couple more things can’t hurt, right?

Now, I know there are plenty of you out there with a wealth of knowledge about cool toys. So I am asking for your help. Here are my parameters, I have the following:

  • One shy five year old boy who loves Star Wars, techie stuff, board games and most sports.
  • One loud, tantrumy out-going two year old who loves Mickey Mouse, pirates, cars and trucks and things that go.
  • One limited budget, but still – there is money to be spent on a few key items.

And not to sound picky, but if I’m gonna spend our money on Christmas presents for my kids, I want them to be really fun, interesting, and even educational. Not just more brightly colored, plasticky STUFF that will break, get piled in a corner and left. (And then finally heaped into boxes for Salvation Army, you should SEE the pile I’ve got going in my garage right now.)

So, yeah, I’m still stuck.

What ARE those one or two brilliant, “must have” gifts? YOU TELL ME. I welcome all suggestions. Even from toy peddlers or PR people or what have you. Bring it on. Come one, come all. I am open to anything. Post links, assuming they are appropriate, I’ll make sure they won’t get spammed out. I value your opinion and will consider each suggestion.

(And posting your ideas here mean other moms will get ideas too. So please share your wealth of knowledge!)

It’s the holidays – help a mother out!

Thanks folks.



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13 responses to “What Do I Get My Kids for Christmas?

  1. I was just looking at the plasma cars on Amazon. I had never heard of them but man they look fun!! Free shipping right now too.

  2. Ok, I just went to target on my lunch break yesterday and bought a gift for MY 2 yr old. He loves music so we bought a guitar that was age AND size appropriate for $15.

    He loves his brothers guitar but this one lights up and has strings (allbeit they don’t really doooo anything, well good for sound effects). On sale until the 26th then it goes up to $20 bucks.

    I also got my 2yr old a broom that talks. The boy loves anything to do w/ sticks and cleaning. I’m cultivating the help-mommy-out desire.

  3. Wow, a Wii. That’s a great gift.

    I am still thinking about what to give my two-year-old! So far, I have a microphone stand toy and I’m making him something. Doesn’t really compare to your Wii, does it?!

    How about something musical related? An age-appropriate instrument maybe?

  4. My son is all into trucks and cars too.
    But I am always at a lose of what to buy him. It is either super pricey or cheap and small. I have plenty of cheap and small.
    Something always fun that not really a toy but for some reason gets the most play, are the sleeping bags. The kids love to climb in and out of them and you can get them for a deal!

  5. starrlife

    I have a mini basketball hoop and ball set I got at Rite Aid and my 9 year old daughter plays it for hours (I just set it up over a doorway)! I think it was like $5.99.

  6. kathy r.

    Underwear and socks!
    And make sure there’s an orange in the stocking!

    How about fabric pens/crayons and plain pillowcases that they can customize? Or iron-on printer transfers for scans of their drawings. They may not get it when they open it, but it should be fun to do.

  7. These are great ideas! More MORE!!!

    MeLizzard – Those cars DO look cool. Not sure I could get away with just one tho. Looking into it.

    Holly – (blush) I know, that damn Wii seems so SO extravagent right now. My bro kind of talked me into it, and found one too, so was hard to say no! (I soooo can’t wait for it either.)

    Kathy – LOL underwear, socks and oranges are already part of the tradition! 🙂

  8. Hmmm … I have to say that the Wii and stocking stuffers should be *enough* right?

    We’re trying our HARDEST to not continue the over-indulgence…

    Having said that … some of my fave stuff that I’ve had pass through my hands from Rock-n-Tot :

    http://rockntot.com/stuff.htm (Mobi Tyke Lights are awesome, as is ANYTHING from http://www.brightermindsmedia.com/)

    Good luck!

  9. Hmmm. I am hearing you on the over-indulgence. I am feeling kind of iffy on getting more “STUFF”. Maybe extra $$ should go towards a zoo pass for the year?? Or something super practical? As if they will pay much attn to anything else after that Wii is opened anyway…

  10. I’ll suggest the V-Tech Kidijamz Studio. It’s at Target (listed on the Target site as Kidjamz instead of Kidijamz). We got ours for about $50 for little bit’s 2nd birthday but hubby ran out of wrapping paper so we’re saving it for a Christmas gift.

    Unfortunately, our always-using-his-smarts-for-evil child has already discovered where I hide the Christmas presents so he’s been pulling it out of the closet and playing with it while it’s still in the box. It is an awesome little toy and DH came home the other night to find me playing a rockin’ Old MacDonald in techno. I left the room and the next thing I know he’s jamming to the Wheels on the Bus in Hip Hop.

    Anyway, cool toy and the kids (or parents) can record their creations on this little gizmo that resembles an iPod. Best 50 bucks I’ve spent in a long time and it’s not even out of the box yet.

  11. Your Hot SIL (not Meryl, you doofus)

    How about Wii accessories and gadgetry? You KNOW you’d never get your hubby off the WiiFit.

  12. Did I tell you that we got a Wii too? And like you, I felt the need to get some more stuff so the boys have some things to open. I got a couple puzzles, Legos, and Playmobil sets on sale. Oh, books too. Love the books! No budget for Wii Fit, but I’m dying for one!

  13. Rico

    I’d recommend getting a Wii. Once you get a Wii, you will never be at a loss of ideas for future gifts as the games and accessories for the system will ensure you never run out of ideas. We have a Wii and my daughter already has a few games on her list for Christmas. I already bought the Wiifit for my wife, but we’re all using and loving it.

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