An Election Poll: The Bumper Stickers I’ve Seen in Florida.

I am facinated by bumper stickers. I always have been. I can’t help but look to see what people have to say, what they believe in and what they choose to support publically as they drive around town. It’s no suprise then that I have a few bumper stickers of my own. Lots of people I know don’t like bumper stickers, they argue that they are even unsafe since they give away a lot of personal information. But, well, I just couldn’t help myself. My car is hardly very flashy as is, so I see no harm in spicing her up with a little bling.

However, my facination with bumper stickers has been fanned and ignited from a mild interest to a full blown obsession with this election. You see, I live in a suburb in Florida that is kind of a big deal right now. According to the polls, it is still one of the fewer areas in Floirda that they cannot predict for this election. And our state overall is still on the fence as to which way it will go. So depending on how my neighbors vote, the results for this county might actually help determine whether we become a red or blue state tomorrow. The people driving in the cars all around me could help decide who our next president will be. So when I started seeing campaign stickers plastered on the backs of cars in my area, I couldn’t help but take notice. I was literally seeing who these drivers will vote for.

Last September, I started a little poll in my car. Since about the second week of that month, I started keeping track of every Obama and McCain bumper sticker that I saw. I was curious to see if my poll might reflect the polls for our state. Plus it helped me feel like I could have some sort of “heads up” about which way the area I lived in was voting. I was curious if I was the only Obama supporter for miles. It turns out I’m not.

I should also note here that I didn’t count any signs or other parphenalia that I saw. (Until recently, the large majority of signs were for McCain.) And I tried to be very careful never to count the same car twice. (For instance, kindergarten pick up means seeing many of the same cars everyday.) And even if a car was covered in Obama stickers, it was only counted once. I also continued my poll if I drove out of my area. I drove to Orlando twice during my poll and counted the stickers I saw. I am not sure how scientific my methods were but, for the last month and a half, I have been on hyper bumper sticker alert, hunting down stickers at every traffic light, traffic jam and parking lot I found myself at.

And now – cue drum roll – a day away from our national presidential election, I would like to present you with my results.

Total cars with bumper stickers: 114

Obama bumper stickers: 62 (54%)

McCain bumper stickers: 52 (45%)

It looks like Obama won, right? Well, I should also tell you that I attended an Obama meeting and counted 9 stickers there (I am sure there were more but thats as many as I actually saw). So, if I hadn’t attended that meeting, Obama would have only won in this poll by one bumper sticker.

So what does it tell me? Of the sample of cars I saw during my drives around town daily, the polls reflect pretty much what I saw. Elections results for this area of Tampa are going to be very CLOSE tomorrow.

And now, back to wringing my hands and hoping all goes well tomorrow. But before I go, I am kind of into this polling thing recently. Who are you voting for?



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6 responses to “An Election Poll: The Bumper Stickers I’ve Seen in Florida.

  1. Please God let it be true, Please God let it be cheer…My chat for the next 48 hours:) Happy Voting!

  2. Obama – and I seriously am nervous about tomorrow!

    I wish I lived in a state where my vote would matter more. I’m in NY and he’ll win here.

  3. Those bumper stickers are great. You should submit them to this website, Voices on the Ground:

  4. My uncle is a fire chief in Tampa and a Republican, unfortunately…oh the fun email exchanges we have had this political season 😉

    Love the bumper stickers!!!

    Bella 🙂

  5. nervous

    Has everyone gone crazy? Obama will not lower taxes on the middle class. The current tax rate of 35% is due to expire next year and he plans on letting this tax bill expire. This means that our taxes will adjust to a rate of 39.5% on our money – that’s 4.5% tax increase. All his talk about lowering our taxes is a smoke screen and the liberal media just won’t talk about it. He stands for bigger government which means more money from us. He will raise the capital gains tax which means less money for those of us who invested with the hope of some money to help subsidize our retirement. He has been a part of the most shady move to register as many voters as possible to get the most votes for himself – read the stories about ACORN. He attended a radical church for 20 years, where his children were baptized, has anyone researched what went on in this church? I did and it scares me to death. Most people I talk with just listen to whatever they hear without looking into both the liberal and conservative media. The internet and the majority of newspapers out there are liberal but if you look hard enough you can find the conservative media – like the New York Post. Try reading some of their editorials and you will see what I mean. What scares me even more about Obama is what this world will be like for my children. Terrorism is here to stay and for a man to claim he will negotiate with these people is crazy. They are not people of their words. Do we really need someone who will learn ON THE JOB when our security is at stake? My children’s grandparents and many grandparents that I know down in Florida need to give this some thought. I am not one for war, but if it protects my children and we can stop these terrorists from coming to our country and hurting our children this is more important than anything that has been discussed in the presidential race.

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