A Voter’s Makeover

Before this blogger voted, she was simply a sad head case. Bad outgrown hair with pathetic remnants from last spring’s highlights. Lost in frenzied election news coverage, holiday preparations and various deadlines. Blogging here and there – just to cope. Wringing her hands and ever stressed, would she make it to the polls? Would she ever have the chance to brave the lines without her two year old in tow? Would she ever finally have her say in this utterly insane national event we call the Presidential election?

And now look at her! She voted and – VOILA! – she is a new woman! With decently presentable hair too! Even after her backyard was demolished by a pack of hogs (see left of picture below), she is positive, she is hopeful, she believes her vote made a difference.

And you know what else this blogger got with her voter makeover? A new gig. This voting mama is writing over at Being Savvy Tampa now. Come check me out whenever you’d like. I am over there everyday.

So my point is – go vote. You never know how casting your ballot might change your life! I know the haircut and new blogging gig were a happy coincendence (…Or were they? Perhaps I have earned good voters karma?) but here’s hoping you get the same positive outlook afterwards… but without the pack of hogs.



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5 responses to “A Voter’s Makeover

  1. Goes to show that attitude is everything! I am taking the boys with me to meet Ashley Judd at the Obama HQ this afternoon. Can’t wait to don our family Obama gear and have a parade to vote on Tuesday (polling place is three blocks from our house so we always march there).

  2. Love the hair and congrats on the new job!

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  4. Wow, cool. Can’t wait till the 4th. I have never really paid much attention to elections but this year is different, can’t wait till the results come in. May the best man win!

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