Wordless Wednesday: Wild Boar Caught on Film

Last time, all we saw was the damage. This time, the boar, feral pig, whatever the heck you wanna call them, attacked our lawn in broad daylight. My mother was home babysitting my napping son while I dared go get a haircut. And as she casually walked into the living room, she looked out the window and saw this sow and her five babies rooting through my previously patched up and carefully fertilized backyard. Being a blogger’s mother, before she shooed them off, she grabbed her camera. “I knew you’d want to blog about this!” Right she was.

Of ALL things. This pig had to be a mama. With five babies.

What am I going to do????

Initially they weren’t scared of my mother’s shooing but eventually they ran off.

And left one third of my back yard in utter shambles.



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8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Wild Boar Caught on Film

  1. Yikes! The mama looks big how big are they?

  2. oh, my goodness. What a mess! That’s so tricky to find a solution to. I don’t envy you at all.
    Happy W.W.

  3. I know there are trappers who get these pigs. You might try contacting your local office of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about nuisance wildlife.

    I couldn’t imagine having boars in my backyard! I have seen them lots in the wild here in Florida, though.

  4. Fry some bacon. Let them smell it. Then call, “Here, piggy, piggy, piggy …”

  5. Either that or call the county.

  6. Susan – The mom is pretty big, not sure how big but way bigger than a dog or anything like that.

    Becky – You are cracking me up! And the irony? I had pork ribs last night.

    Holly – I am going to follow up on that website. I called animal control the first time and they told me some trappers could pay me to come out but she looked it up and nope, not in my area. Unless I paid for trappers, she really just rec’d I take care of it myself and informed me they make great eatin’. Awesome. And now its a mama and her babies – its just killing me – but I can’t NOT deal with it! Ugh…

  7. You live in the wild. The only rooting that goes on around here is on trash day when people are looking for cans…

  8. Wow. That really stinks. And I know the environmentalist in you (it would in me too) not want to harm the babies or the mother. But, I do have to say, that in this case, there is a danger here. If you can get trappers to trap them live and move them, that might be good. But otherwise, recognize that this might be a fight for territory, and you have to protect yourself too.

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