Wordless Wednesday: Wild Boar Damage in our backyard

Over our past three years in Florida, we’ve witnessed all sorts of beasties prowling about in our yard. But this morning, we woke up to this. I suspected a wild boar right away but am now quite positive that is what we’ve got out back after watching this video. And, yup, they’re dangerous. Terrific. And I thought the aligators and bobcats were enough to worry about. I think I’ll be calling Animal Control today. Wish me luck. Things certainly never get “boar”ing around here… what? Ok ok, I’ll cut the jokes and call them already.



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12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Wild Boar Damage in our backyard

  1. Oh yeah, that’s swine rooting. Major suckage. Good luck with animal control. If that doesn’t work, you can host a luau.

  2. Good lord! I’m not coming to your house when I visit Florida – geez.

  3. That’s crazy! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night with all those critters creeping around out back. You were right – definitely NOT an armadillo

  4. Diane/Muma

    If you’re lucky, the alligators will eat the boars. At least our black bears are timid and don’t ruin the lawn!

  5. Wow.
    I am speechless.

  6. And I was upset about the mysterious animal poo that was left on our concrete next to the pool. That is some serious damage to your yard. Crazy!

  7. Wow! That photo actually makes me think of that movie, Tremors. Have you ever seen it?

  8. Geez Louise! And here I am complaining about squirrels!

  9. Update: No boar damage today but I did call Animal Control. Here’s how it went.

    Me: Um, hi, my yard has been damaged by a boar, how should I get rid of it?

    AC: Well. (pause) You could shoot it. Or use a bow. They make good eatin’. Folks will pay ya fer it. You could call a trapper if ya reeeeally wanna.

    I have gotten the distinct impression that people can’t believe I don’t have a gun and haven’t dealt with my boar issue on my own. And then held one heckuva cookout.

    Meanwhile, just north of here a day ago, a 450 pound boar was tasered by a police officer after it had ripped up someones backyard. The taser had no effect. Read on here:

  10. Your Hot SIL (not Meryl, you doofus)



  11. Mon

    I’m glad I can now point my friends to other people’s boar issues. They we’re nuts where we live…

  12. Oh my Gosh!!! That’s a BIG problem. That is so crazy.

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