Preparing for a Kindergarten Dissertation.

Last night, my husband and I found our son on the couch looking through a book. Nothing too surprising about that except for the fact that it wasn’t T’s book, it was my husband’s. And what is my husband reading about? How to write a dissertation. B. is completing his MBA and is currently working on his thesis. Anyway, so we found T. reading his book. We both chuckled. I said “Quick! Grab my camera!” Thinking the moment would last a minute before he went back to jumping off the couch into his pile of bean bag chairs, just like he does on most nights at home before bath time.

Then I realized he was actually trying to read it.

“Daddy, what does ’empower’ mean?”

And while B. grappled with that one, I – being the Mommy that I am – just kept taking pictures while he tried to figure that stuff out.

And then I get this look.

So we left him be. I guess he had some reading to do. B. went to prep dinner, I went and changed.

But then I came back to the living room to find him STILL reading. About dissertations. Completely engrossed. Just like this.

And once again, my children achieve what was once considered an IMPOSSIBLE feat. They render me utterly speechless.



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11 responses to “Preparing for a Kindergarten Dissertation.

  1. Aly

    That is hilarious! Who needs those silly children’s books when there is Surviving Your Dissertation!?

  2. It’s never too early to start your dissertation…

  3. Angela Moore

    It’s always best to be prepared. Like a Boy Scout.

    Tag, you’re it!

  4. Your Hot SIL (not Meryl, you doofus)

    Well, as anyone who has been through grad school could tell you, there is really no such thing as “Surviving” a dissertation. Perhaps wise T. knew this and assumed the book must be some kind of fairy tale……

  5. Sadly, a dissertation is something you work so hard on and no one reads. I swear no one read mine because I totally did not deserve the grade I got. Shh, don’t tell.

    You clearly have a prodigy on your hands. And that prodigy clearly takes after you.

  6. Ah but here is the irony. He got back his first math quiz today. (Yes, in kindergarten.) And it was a 74%. A big ol’ “S” for satisfactory. Um, thats a C? LOL. I know, I know, chill out. First test ever. But it was a shapes test, amoungst other things. And he KNOWS his shapes. I’m thinking test taking is just a whole new thing? Still, the irony after posting this. Takes me down a knotch. He’s just a regular kid who can read really well sometimes. 🙂

  7. Awwww. I’d have been the same and grabbed my camera too!!

  8. Wanted to add that where we are in the Tampa bay area, the only grades in kindergarten are “S,” “U” and “N.” And, my oldest read the first Harry Potter book when he was in kindergarten so maybe get him some more advanced children’s books and don’t worry about the shapes!

  9. Karen – Ah! The novice I am! Thanks for the grade translations. Makes me feel better. Granted my husband is true the rational “He’s only in kindergarten” voice in all of this for me. Ugh, am I becoming a helicopter mom already? Lord forbid. And I can’t WAIT for Harry Potter with my boys!

  10. Wow, that is just amazing! I would have done just what you did with the camera. 😉

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