You can do it, Sarah!

Maybe all this bailout mess has left me twitched out and over stressed. I am not sure I am thinking in the right state of mind. That’s gotta be it. Because here’s the thing. I am sort of suddenly rooting for Sarah a little bit right now.

Egads! Has my evil twin taken over my blog? No, I swear. It’s still me.

Heres the thing. It is becoming decidedly clear that Sarah is not at all prepared to be the Vice President of the United States, let ALONE (…choking on my Cheerios here…) POTUS. …Shudder. And I am also thinking that most of you agree, even my repub readers. Sarah’s knowledge base has been tested over the past few days in interviews with Katie and Charlie. If you haven’t seen the interviews, check them out. I kind of can’t watch them more than once. It’s just the cringe factor, the “Oh my God, she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about, does she” thing, you know? But you should watch them, no matter which party you belong to.

And now Sarah will debate Joe Biden on Thursday. As I type this, there is no doubt she is studying like a mad woman, with coaches in her ear and stacks of talking points spread out all around her. Maybe even flash cards. Or timed tests while someone holding a stop watch stands over her shoulder. All the while, she’s dressed in a sweat suit with the Rocky theme song playing in the background.

And, to be fair, I would bet Biden is going through his own preparation too: “Don’t talk too much, Joe.” “Be cool, Joe.” “You know what you’re talking about, just stick to the facts.” “The responses are timed, Joe, don’t forget that!”

But, holy canoli, Sarah’s preparation is an impossible task. Just as Joe Biden did, she came in knowing what she knows and she, unfortunately, just doesn’t know enough. And that’s not necessarily her fault either. It’s McCain’s fault for not picking a more qualified candidate. And now her ignorance and ineptitude is being uncovered and displayed for all the world to see, question in disblief, or even laugh at.

I just can’t imagine. Perhaps I am simply relating to her as a woman and mom right now, trying to do too much, and knowing that no matter how hard she works, it’s never good enough. Being this far in over her head, how must she be feeling right now? 

And Joe Biden, Mr. “I’ve been in the senate since I was 29 and I can talk circles around you”, is smacking his lips, ready to rip the holes in her knowledge base even wider. If I were Sarah, I’d be crying in my glass of wine at night, I’d be sick to my stomach nervous and entirely overwhelmed and ready to hop the first plane back to Alaska.

But here’s my other dilema. Is my assumption that she is crying in her wine completely unfeminist of me? Am I being too soft on her? Would I be saying the same thing if she were a male? Am I underestimating her abilities? I truly don’t think so. If anything, as a woman, I actually gave her the benefit of the doubt thinking she could seriously be the Republican’s secret weapon. And now. No. That’s not the case. She’s just a person not prepared to be Vice President, as simple as that.

Here’s the thing, however – I really don’t WANT her to fail. No, I mean it. Please note that it is not my intention to come across snarky, condescending or patronizing here. I mean what I am saying. I WANT her to be good enough for this position. I don’t want to see a train wreck on Thursday – that will not make me feel good. I’d like to see a good solid debate with too qualified individuals sparring off on the issues, both on equal ground. (And of course, notes the Democrat in me, then see her loose fair and square.)  Honestly folks, I don’t want to see someone – who could very well potentially be POTUS afterall – be so damn clueless. And I’ll also admit, the idea of a woman finally being so close to the White House potentially failing so miserably makes me sick to my stomach. Amoungst everything else going on right now, Sarah Palin is just plain old scaring the crap outa me.

So Sarah, c’mon woman. You can do this. Show us what you’ve got. Let them be wrong. I won’t be on your side politically but I will be rooting for you. You’re Rocky, Biden is Mr. T – come out preprared and swinging. Let’s have a good clean fight.



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12 responses to “You can do it, Sarah!

  1. voteagainstsarahpalin

    Thursday will be the best day ever.

  2. As much as I agree with you about her losing fair and square to a Democrat, I just can’t bring myself to root her on for being a woman. She got herself in way over her head and that has been made very apparent over the last couple weeks. She is clueless. She has no idea what she is talking about. I feel kinda bad for her actually, but still won’t root her on because that’s how anti-Republican I am.

    But to answer one of your questions from your post, I bet you wouldn’t be saying the same thing if she were a male… and I also don’t think you are being “unfeminist” at all!


  3. I watched the Palin interviews for the first time yesterday and was absolutely mortified. Beyond how she is obviously ill-prepared for the vice presidency, I felt embarrassed for her as a fellow working mother. As many of us are fighting off the negative stereotypes of women (and mothers) in positions of power, Palin effectively affirmed what a lot of people are thinking – women aren’t qualified or capable of being leaders. Despite this, I have a hard time rallying for Palin. I mean seriously…was she talking to Couric and voters or a classroom of 1st graders? Sad.

  4. I am working on a blog about the emotion of a vote. Politics steeps Emotion and I often find myself get all emotional over McCains service- what he had to go through in Vietnam. I think it is par for the course:)

  5. I don’t know if I can watch. I just have a feeling it’s going to be a train wreck and she’ll have the deer in the headlights look. I hate to see people in embarrassing situations it just makes me cringe.

  6. cousinavi

    I guess I can understand your sympathy – sorta like seeing a wounded animal that needs to be put out of its misery, yet still not wishing to witness its throat being cut.
    But Sarah isn’t just a wounded animal – her cocksure, unblinking, unthinking, incompetence has led her to this place and time; enabled her to think that she would be embraced for her folksy charm and Miss Congeniality smile; elevated to the 2nd highest office in the land on nothing more than “Gosh, darn it, I might not know much, but I sure know right from wrong and that’s enough to do whatever I set my mind to!”
    Sorry Sarah – no surgery, satellite design, science teaching, physics or vice-presidential duties for you.

    Sorry…but Thursday evening (Friday morning where I live), I want a BLOODBATH. I don’t want a mere euthanasia…I want the Pit Bull skinned, cleaned, quartered and hung.
    The GOP have earned nothing less with this hail Mary bit of crap, and so has Palin.

  7. I hear what you are saying. If she fails, how does that impact other women — professional women as a whole and political women who come after her? I’m hoping that she is so beyond the pale, that she’ll be seen as the aberrant test score that gets thrown out when looking at the rest.

  8. These comments are so interesting. I am also realizing that I feel sorry for her. And that’s leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I want VP noms in this election that are 100% capable. If a nom truly is unqualified for their job? Maybe its time to excuse yourself rather than have folks feeling sorry for you, like I am, make excuses for you, like the entire McCain campaign, or lowering their expectations to nil, like the voters who will be watching Thursday.

    And exactly Pundit Mom. All my fingers are crossed she doesn’t mess up the class curve for the rest of us. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Thanks for saying what we’ve all been thinking.

  10. cousinavi

    Failure due to gender hurts women everywhere, every time.
    Failure due to incompetence – being held to the same standard of quality that is demanded of a vice-presidential candidate regardless of gender – helps every woman, everywhere.
    Sarah Palin’s elevation to the ticket ought to be seen by women as an insult. A shameless ploy to exploit gender. IMO, it doesn;t matter whether they beat you down needlessly, or elevate you pointlessly, failure to treat each woman as a person – as an end rather than a means, is the ridest sort of objectification.
    Obama’s choice not to select Hillary was not a slap at women; it was an assessment that she was NOT best suited to run with HIM at THIS time. And that was nothing more than good strategy – not giving the GOP the Clinton target the wanted, having to deal with Bill in the background or Hillary in the foreground.
    The Palin play ought to be FAR more insulting to competent, thinking women on its face. Sadly, much like their testicular adversaries, thinking seems to be all too rare.

  11. starrlife

    I feel sorry for her a bit- I even feel sorry for George B. who looks so silly so often and thinks he’s a hot shit! But I felt sorriest seeing her sitting next to McCain who was clearly doing his fatherly duty and fighting her battles for her with the media. How humiliating is that?

  12. Aly

    She’s been scaring the be-jeebers out of me with some of her statements…or lack thereof when it’s nothing but an awkward pause. I am really concerned about her role now for future female politicians. Even Hillary. Some people (men and women) think female politicians are a big joke anyway and I’m afraid we’re going to be set back even more. Well, not me personally. I’m not running for anything but you know what I mean!

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