P.S. I Heart Writing AND School, Do You?

Thanks to Everyday Baby Steps for cluing me in this morning. Oh this sounds so interesting…

Sparkplugging is offering a free on-line freelance writing class!

And here I sit, clapping my hands together with glee. (Hercules! Hercules!)

Ok, calm down. Let me explain. Clearly, I am kind of all over the place this morning and not being very fluid with my writing here.

Jeez, do you think I might be a good candidate for an on-line writing class?

Do you think you might be too?

Heres the scoop. There is a freelance writers on-line class for folks just starting out (me… that’s ME!) and now they have been cool enough to offer a free class to anyone who enters their contest. The website is Sparkplug U. , the class is here and the contest can be found here .

(Me!!! Pick me!!!! …Yes I wore super dorky glasses for a long time and, yes, I did like school sometimes.)

But (full disclosure here, I am alllll about full disclosure) to get another chance to be selected, I need to post about it here.

And, honestly, I do think it is a very cool opportunity and hope it at least benefits a reader or friend blogger. So, for real, if you get the class, I will be super happy for you. I swear. Cross my heart and hope to die (um, not really DIE but you know what I mean).

So yeah. That’s it. And you all can stop rolling your eyes at me, telling me I am such a dork for liking school too. School is cool! Seriously. … what?

We’ll return back to our regularly scheduled blogging. I’ll be back with more later today… (And see, I’m actually posting more! Are you so damn proud of me or what?)


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One response to “P.S. I Heart Writing AND School, Do You?

  1. Mary

    Very cool – when one of us wins, we can coach the other! Deal?

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