The Crux of Better Blogging.

Folks, here’s the truth. I really need to get better at this blogging thing. And I absolutely don’t mean that in a “Wah, I suck, I’m needy, I need attention, someone tell me I’m a good blogger before my whining makes you jump off your roof” kind of way.

I don’t mean it like that. Ew.

But I have to be honest here. Blogging is -fer real – something I just need to get better at. Sure, sure, I confidently spout off here about all sorts of horse pucky, sounding like I really know what I am talking about. But… actually… blogging has me a wee bit flummoxed. (Oooh now *that’s* a fun word.) And I am going to “out” myself about this right here, right now.

First of all, I take forever to post. Huge groan. I so annoy myself over this. Usually the first draft of my post writes itself, for the most part. Which is why I love to blog, because it just comes rushing out – typing diarrhea – and *yay* you all get to read it.

So writing really isn’t the problem.

It’s my self imposed over-editing which is to blame. GAH.

Its the obsessing, the going back and forth over one word, it’s the “let me just see how this reads ONE more time” thing. While I may have whipped out the initial post in 10 minutes, the editing can sometimes take hours.

This will not do.

I am a mother. I have kids to shuttle around. I have fights to break up. Homework to help with. And really reeeally fun trips to the grocery store with two miserable, grocery hating children. I even have a husband who kinda likes to talk to me at night. I was almost late to kindergarten pick-up once because I could not finally just press publish and rip myself away. Tinker, tinker, tinker.

Enough already! Grow some ovaries and publish the flipping post already, SHEESH!!!!

So, yup, I need to get faster about my posting.

And if I post faster, maybe I could think to post more often! Because my next issue is that I just don’t post enough. I really could and should write more. But when I DO write, I think too much, go on for too long, edit forever (see above) and – gasp – completely exhaust and highly annoy myself.

And when I think too much, go on and on and wind up with posts that are far too long, what does that tell me?

Am I… am I… not… editing enough?!??

OH NO! Not more editing, for the love of all that’s good in the blogosphere. NO. MORE. EDITING.

Can we talk about my blog layout itself? I am so clueless (“how clueless are you?” …you yell from your PC). I am so clueless, that I actually don’t really understand such things as “Adsense” or “self-hosting”. I mean, what the hell is a trackback? I don’t know how to Digg anyone. I am signed up for technorati but what does it exactly mean?

Seriously. The bloggy techie stuff? (Shrug my shoulders.) Whatever. I got NO idea.

I write, I stick a picture or video in now and then, maybe I can copy or paste some fancy html code I found somewhere. But that’s about all I got.

All potential for slick blogging with cool branding seems lost. Or at least far far out of my reach.

I’m hopeless. Far from cool. Not very legit as a blogger I think.

But ah-ha. Here lies the crux of the problem. (Crux. What does that even MEAN and how the hell do you spell it? …Hopefully my editing will take care of that. Snort.)

Fast, good, frequent posting seems all about confidence.

I mean, to just write your mind and then – all cool and relaxed – press publish without one thought… well, you need to feel really solid about yourself as a blogger. And that, my friends, takes time. And practice. And the careful careful art of remaining true to who you are when you post. Bloggers must be: what you read is what you get.

My theory (oh, soooo scientific aren’t we) is that if we bloggers are true to ourselves, feel confident that our posts are, in fact, of value, and know we have amazing blogger buddies out there who have our backs – we should find that confidence to press publish. Just like that. Just like this…



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13 responses to “The Crux of Better Blogging.

  1. Grow some ovaries, hee hee!

    Writing with ease without going back again and again to edit will come with time. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with editing! And some posts just simply take more time when you have to put a lot of thought into them. But I think it just comes with practice. 🙂

  2. Oh I take forever to write up a post! I’m hoping with more experience it will get easier, no? Well here’s to sticking together 🙂

  3. I take too long, too. It’s a curse.

  4. I’m usually in a hurry when I post so I’m one of those who is guilty of hitting “publish” and never really looking my post over after that. My grammar and spelling probably suck.

    My biggest issue is I tend to go and on and on and on…LOL! Sometimes my blog is my only connection to the outside world on certain days so I guess that’s my way of having some kind of adult conversation, even though it’s completely 1-sided!

    My blog isn’t fancy either…and I don’t understand most of the bloggie-type stuff. You’re not alone!

    And BTW, I think your blog is GREAT!!!

  5. Can I offer you one suggestion? You might want to try doing NaBloPoMo. Committing to post every day for a month really helped me get into my blogging groove. And building the habit also helped build my blogging confidence.

    The tech stuff varies depending on your blogging platform, and there’s some question these days about whether Technorati rank really means anything. I use it to see who has linked to me, and that’s about it.

    But I’ve been at this for almost a year and a half, with more than 600 posts under my belt, and I have to tell you, I definitely post things I don’t feel all that confident about. And some posts turn out to be duds. I never like when that happens, but I’m handling it better – I guess that’s where the “confidence” comes in.

    Well, forgive my rambling. I love what you do here with your blog, and hope you will work up that confidence to do more of it, more often!

  6. Florinda – Thats a great idea! Posting everyday for a month may be exactly what I need to do.

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who takes forever to post! I’m working on it, did ok this morning for a change.

  7. I felt the same way at first not sure if I should post something not so much because I keep editing. I want to be honest on my blog, the main reason I started it was to vent, learn and grow. Until my mother found out about it. Now she reads it and I find myself having to hide my real feeling simply for that fact. So I’m stuck with no out. And apparently I find myself venting through comments (sorry).
    Just post already! that 1 day a month post challenge sounds like fun.

  8. Well, I do edit a lot, but I’m getting better about it. What takes so long on my blogging is the photography I add that goes along with my thoughts that day. But I do post daily, and that alone helped with my “speed”.

    I also have to push back at the perfectionist in me and realize that no one really cares if every single word is “perfect”…except for maybe me. 🙂 They are reading for the concept of the post. To be entertained. To think.

    And, yes, your blogging friends have your back.

  9. Your Hot SIL (not Meryl, you doofus)

    ^^^Hasn’t updated blog for over 2 years.^^^

    ’nuff said.

  10. SIL of mine – Get thee back to your blog. Now. Your crazy funny comments just tease me.

    Kacey – Thanks my friend, and I’ve got your back.

    Stephanie – I could not be more sympathetic. Vent here anytime.

  11. I used to be an obsessive self-editor, but then realized that for the sake of actually posting, and not just writing, I needed to suck it up and just hit “publish” already! Not that it was easy. And even thought I’m a graphic designer by trade, I focused mostly on print, so I knew NOTHING about blogging when I started. We can all hold hands and walk through the technie blog journey together. I’m only just now figuring out that having a high authority number and a low ranking on Technorati means that you get linked by lots of other blogs and is an indicator of how popular your blog is. It’s definitely a learning process.

  12. I too am clueless. Techie stuff? Forget it. I tend to spew and write posts that are too long. Clearly I need more editing. I have no idea how to boost readership and figure out all that ranking stuff. All I do is write. I do edit a bit but I force myself to edit immediately after writing. If I were to come back and pore over my writing later, it would take me 10 to get one post done. I have kids to take care of *and* a job with clients that count on me to actually deliver on what I promised. Until I figure out the blog magic, I gotta focus on what pays for now. I say throw caution to the wind and hit publish! It is rather freeing.

    And BTW, I love your writing and would have never guessed you struggle with the same things I do. Were we separated at birth?

  13. I blog on Myspace. It started as a business blog but it has evolved into ………. well let’s face it- I am just all over the map.

    The only topic I stay away from is Politics.

    At first I didn’t have a clue how to post photos. I think my writing was better then. Now, I know how to post (one photo at a time, on my blog)- so I am like the mother of a newborn, living life through the eye of a camera. Oooh, this shot will be good for my blog!

    One of my blogs can actually look like 11 blogs, using this method. I really need to grow up and learn the proper method- though this is my standard MO. I have knitted 20 scarves and never attempted a sweater.
    Kudos to you. Your blog looks like a Grown Up blog to me. Signed: Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

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