Playing with Dooce, HP and Canon.

Voila! I present to you the first video ever taken by *moi* and my new HD Canon video camera! And who is the subject of my first video? None other than the most famous mom blogger ever, Dooce. And where was this video taken? Where else but BlogHer 08. Granted I am hardly a professional movie maker, its kind of jerky (but *whine* my arm was getting so tired). Still. The picture, the subject, the whole thing. Pretty fly, no?

(Does anyone ever use the word “fly” anymore? Or did that go the way of the Running Man, MC Hammer pants and “Criss Cross will make you jump, jump”… It did? Whatever, cut me a break. I’m a 35 year old mom, “getting out” is drinking a bottle of wine with mom friends in my driveway with the monitor on.)

But back to the camera. Before I left to BlogHer, I was offered this laptop and video camera to review by a cool little PR company called Buzz Corp. They are good people – I’d say they are even pretty “fly” folks (No? Time to let that one go?) – who seem very focused on the mom blogger perspective and what products make us tick. (And I will also say they are not paying me a lick to say anything about them. Shoot, there wasn’t even any pressure to post about any of this.)

Well. I can certainly tell you, my HP Pavilion laptop makes me more than tick. It makes me purr. It makes me sing. It makes this little ol mommy blogger positively resonate at every possible frequency. I love this thing. I live on this thing. All I need is some sort of security “add-on” against myself, where upon at a certain time limit it will snap shut and shoo me away from it.

And the HD Canon video camera is small, easy to use and takes the clearest picture I’ve seen. I only recently started playing with it for real (other than just taking video) once I got the fire-wire I needed. Granted, after scratching my head for the last month or so, I admit I didn’t realize I needed one until my tech savvy brother walked me through video camera 101. I learned – ahem, after reading the manual, blush – that the firewire does not come with the camera. I gather that is standard, but was only just an additional $6.00 online at Office max. So anyway, the fire-wire arrived, I plugged it all in and it hummed to life.

Over the past few days, I have been playing around with Windows Movie Maker. WHOA. Cool. Fer real. And this afternoon, I popped out this one cut from BlogHer of Heather speaking. She’s funny. The whole thing was great. I just now wish I had that camera roped to my head and caught absolutely everything I experienced – every speaker, every panel, every conversation – on film. I am now trying to grasp the concept that I can capture what I see, and not just simply write about it. Huh. Oh the possibilities.

Anyway, many many thanks to Buzz Corp. Please enjoy Dooce at BlogHer. I just wish I had more to share of the panel. But you can be sure there will be many more videos to come in the future.

(Oh and quick sidebar: If and when I ever review products here, I promise you, I will only review things I actually find to be quality products I truly support. Please consider my opinion legitimately my opinion. Crazy to have to qualify that but you get me, right? Thanks folks.)

For more information about the HP products I review, please visit my HP Update page.



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6 responses to “Playing with Dooce, HP and Canon.

  1. Dude! You were there?! I was there! I was sitting a couple of tables behind The Bloggess when The Interaction took place. I was actually also in the lobby when they chatted later. Was that not the best weekend???

    Here’s me getting Dooced just after the video you took:

  2. LOL, I was there Sugar. Shoot, you were right in it, huh? Very cool pic, btw. It was amazing and am so hoping I can go next year.

  3. Your Hot SIL (not Meryl, you doofus)

    Wow, girl. “Fly?!?!” Really?

    With that kind of lingo, you’ll never be rad enough to hang with the homies.


  4. I think it’s possible to bring “fly” back, and I’ll pledge to join you in your endeavor. I’m going to use it in my next post.

    Reminds me of some friends in college who used to have a “word of the day” that they would have to fit into conversations around the other people who played the game without anyone else knowing it was a game. It was always a troubling word like “epididymitis” or “Shamshi Addad.”

  5. I only recently learned what “on the DL” means. I never knew “fly” wasn’t hip anymore.

    Oh, and Buzz Corp. folks, I am an awesome product sampler. I sampled beauty products for a year and wrote about them for my local paper. It’s part of what drove me to blogging. Bring it on!

  6. I think that’s so cool you got to try out the products. I’m just sorry I didn’t get to meet you at BlogHer! My video camera is busted, doggoneit. (oh, not as nifty a term as fly, huh?). I want a new one, but my last one was a JVC and lasted less than a year. They wouldn’t fix it. I got ticked. No new video camera. (I know, it makes it sound like THEY won, right??)


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