Wacky Hat Wednesday.

I’m really tired. I was up late watching Hillary of the Orange Pantsuit wow the world. And then my brain got overwhelmed by all the post game analysis so I got caught up in a Making The Band episode on MTV. Yup, those brain cells of mine were firing away until the wee hours. (Smacking forehead now.)

So, you never know what a little sleep deprivation might inspire. Oh wait. No sleep, a crazy two year old with an afinity for dress-up and a collection of hats? Well – heck yeah – that spells humor to me. So join me and celebrate Wacky Hat Wednesday.

Do you have any crazy kid hat pictures? Share. I want to see them. I think hats are kind of funny today.

(Oh and yes, that’s an empty Yingling box. …What? There are some beers left. Three I think. Want one? It’s beer o’clock somewhere. …Ugh, yeah, actually – I just really wish I drank coffee.)

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10 responses to “Wacky Hat Wednesday.

  1. Is it sad they we stay up late for conventions- does that make us Political Nerds? Yes I think it does.
    2 more days- but I fear I will have to give a half ass attempt to watch the RNC next week- drink everytime they say “W” or ‘Till the jobs done”

  2. So cute! And hey, we have the same AB CD AC/DC-inspired shirt. I’m going to hang on to it forever! We stayed up til midnight watching. I won’t give a second’s time to the RNC next week.

  3. Very cute!
    And you really should start drinking coffee if ONLY to use the excuse, “I’m sorry…I haven’t had my coffee yet”.

  4. I so wanted to stay up late to watch the convention but baby has been getting me up at all hours so I fell asleep. But I caught up on replays 🙂

  5. Hi, from The Comment Club!
    That is a cute idea- I’ve been looking for some different stuff to add to my blog. A video would be cool.

  6. I love the pictures! Your son has the most precious expressions!! I personally love the pot on the head pic the best!

    I found you through MBC on the comment club!

  7. That picture of him in the bunny hat is so cute, even though it looks like he wasn’t too thrilled

  8. Thanks so much for commenting on the PZ blog! Looks like you’ve got a lot here – Bookmarking for future reading!


  9. He is so cute! Great use of your Smilebox subscription!

  10. I love all the pictures. Neat idea! I liked the theme song that went along with it.

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