It’s Fay Day.

School is canceled. Water, batteries, and canned food have been bought. The porch is cleaned off. The plants are pulled into the garage. The windows and stucco cracks have been caulked just to be sure. We’re all inside (all but my husband who has run into the office and promises to be back before things start getting interesting). So here we sit. Waiting. It’s FAY DAY.

Um, I think I just saw the sun. What the heck? I thought the rain bands were only miles away, just minutes from barreling down on us?

Well, we are prepared anyway. As any smart Floridian SHOULD be.

And so we have a day inside, watching rain. So what will we do? I have started to gather all our toys and inside stuff together. Games, movies, and craft projects for the kids. My laptop, cameras and books for my husband and I. The storm tracker is up on my laptop so we know when the next rain band comes. …Or when the first rain band comes.

So. Fay. Any time now. You can do something. Rain, a few impressive gusts, maybe some small branches scuttling down the sidewalk.

Um, and so how will this storm be any different from a regular afternoon Florida thunder-boomer? Well, because THIS storm has a name. Uh-huh. And THIS storm has gotten 24 hour news coverage. And live doppler tracking by the STORM TEAM (cue lightening, thunder, sweep-in logo affect). And planes have flown into it. And rain slickered newscasters are currently positioning themselves in the gustiest parts of its rain bands for a cool shot. A State of Emergency has been called, for cripes sakes. School is out  and government buildings are closed. The Governor has been making live announcements from a storm bunker with his sleeves rolled up and a concerned look is plastered on his face. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

So. Here we sit. We’ve prepped, we’re ready, we can handle anything.

There’s the sun again. Oh and is my neighbor going by on a walk? A walk sounds like a good idea. Maybe I could get the kids in the wagon, it’s certainly not too hot out or anything.

Wait a sec, Snap out of it! Fay is coming! FAY IS COMING!

Uh oh. 5 year old T. just asked me what we were doing to start the day. Can we go to a friend’s house? Can we go to the playground?

No, lets watch the storm, kid. Its got a name!

Oh. Right. Its Fay Day.

(Sidebar: I am of course grateful for all of the technology which does tell us when a storm is coming. And if Fay is going to be a glorified rain storm, then – cool, no complaints. We’ll count our lucky stars and give some thanks. I am just saying this out loud, ok? In case Murphy’s kicks in his law and a tree comes down on our house later this afternoon, just hours after I publish my smug little post… So if this just brings a little rain? We are SO cool with that. Ok? Ok, Murphy?)



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9 responses to “It’s Fay Day.

  1. Hold on tight- and wave as the cows fly bye….okay that is a twister still.

  2. Hey there – saw your post on twitter – we’re happy Fay’s bark turned out to be worse than her bite! 🙂 ::waving hi:: from your Grovewood Neighbor

  3. Here’s hoping for the molehill instead of the mountain!

  4. LOL! Murphy is right. I was a little nervous posting my own post….

  5. Hahaha! You’re right — having a name is everything!

    We had two days of rain and are just now seeing a peek of a blue sky. Maybe you will get off easy. (I’m in Broward.)

  6. I lived in Florida (Tampa Bay) from middle school through college, and I can’t say I miss hurricanes much. Hope you luck out and don’t take much of a hit this time around!

  7. Ummm I actually think we’ve had less rain today than on most days in the last month. I’m cool with that, don’t need more. My only problem is I seem to have an issue with a house over populated with children at the moment.

  8. We were in FL last week on vacation and it was BIG news there…the impending doom of Fay! I am glad it turned out to be not such a big deal!

  9. Murphy may have not gotten me THIS time, but something is brewing in the Atlantic now and I am thinking we are owed one. Lets put it this way, only some of my porch furniture is back out…

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