A Puddle of Fun for the Weekend.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I need some fun around here. At the BlogHer conference, I was given a subscription to Smilebox. I had already been using the free version of Smilebox before but then, to have been given the upgrade, well I was loving the swag life for sure. Now, they haven’t paid me one single dime to endorse their product but I gotta say, I have a ton of fun with it. You can add video too. There are a ton of designs to choose from. They make THE best personalized e-cards. You can send them, blog them, whatever.

So for some fun this morning, I put together a series of pics for you all to enjoy. These were taken last February but they are some of my very favorites. This is my oldest, T., being the wonderful boy that he is.

Have a good weekend!

Click to play Puddle of Fun.
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4 responses to “A Puddle of Fun for the Weekend.

  1. I love Smilebox! I have paid for the advertising to go away a couple of times but haven’t gotten the subscription. Do you really like it enough that you would renew your subscription?

  2. I haven’t set up my free account yet. Looks like fun!

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