Edwards: Getting Mad and Getting Over It.

Edwards cheated on his wife, Elizabeth. I know this is days old news by now but just give me a minute to vent.

That bastard.

When I found out, I was practically seething. (I think know I even used too many yelling caps on my comment to PunditMom while responding to her post on the topic.) I am profoundly disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted.

That jerk. That two-timer. He was supposed to be one of the good guys!

But why am I so mad about this?

Edwards wasn’t even my choice for the democratic nominee. And get this! Ironically, I actually never DID trust him. He seemed too nice, too good-looking, too sweet and gentle. I couldn’t believe a pretty-boy like that was everything he said he was. Nice huh? Good job, Caroline. Way to discriminate against a candidate because he was TOO good-looking. Still, I didn’t trust him. I trusted his wife 100%, no problem there – but I never trusted him. 

And yet, there were so many great points he made, he stood up for the working class, and he really had an amazing campaign. So many people were on the Edwards truck. I assumed they must have known something about him that I didn’t. And his wife, brilliant in her own right, was battling breast cancer. If there was one man who could sympathise with women’s health care issues, it SHOULD be him.  So, agreeing that his politics were sound, I established him as a good-guy and opened my mind to what he had to say.

So let’s get back to the cheating part. A politician cheating is certainly nothing new. And we have had plenty of politicians cheat before – democrats in particular. Um, one or two have even been president at the time. And honestly, I don’t particularly care about a person’s private business. Their ability to run a country is what should matter, correct? So, again, this shouldn’t surprise me or set me off quite like it did. 

But it did. The rat-bastard.

And I’ve been thinking about this a little bit so, from my little blog to you, let me share my thoughts.

A far cry from the 90’s decade of Clinton’s infidelities, we now have You Tube, camera phones, video cameras, security cameras, wi-fi – big brother is out there watching our every move. Any celebrity or politician in his or her right mind can’t even pick their nose in public without assuming it might end up on you tube or become the latest breaking news banner across the bottom of our TV screens.

HOW did Edwards think he could get away with this?

After much debate in my mind over this particular issue, I can only assume Edwards had this affair due to one of the following reasons.

(A) His ego is so enormous, he thought he was too smart to get caught. So he’s stupid.

(B) He was performing some sort of political suicide, hoping he’d be caught, hoping his career would be ruined. So – yes, he needs some psychological help – but he’s stupid for not just bowing out in the first place.

(C) His penis is his number one priority. So he’s extra extra stupid.

(D) He’s just plain old stupid, nothing more, nothing less.

And making such a (I’ll say it again, twice) stupid stupid decision, well, doesn’t that just kick the legs out from under his entire campaign? He really tried so hard to come across as the nice guy, the family guy, by his wife’s side, caring about morals and standing up for blue-collar America. Did he REALLY care about those issues? Because if he did, I do think he could have been strong enough and made the choice NOT to cheat. I really do. Because when Edwards decided to go along with that affair, and take the chance that he did, he put his entire campaign at risk. Ultimately, he made his penis priority over all of working America and, I think, nullifying his entire platform.

That bastard. Seriously Edwards. We got way bigger issues to deal with than your penis. WAY BIGGER.

But I’ve got to get over this. Plus I am struggling with the other major contradiction in my mind. I forgave Clinton. I did. I could care less what he did with Monica. I thought he was a great president. Sure, he had has significant huge ego issues and he certainly never considered he would ever get caught. But I forgave him, I moved on, the economy was good, we weren’t at war, all was well. If I forgave Clinton, the actual president at the time, then I sure as sugar better forgive Edwards. Right?

I keep going back to Julie Pipperts’ post about her top ten reasons why she is over this affair. When I start getting worked up, I go back there and calm myself down. That’s right. Who cares who he sleeps with. That’s between him and Elizabeth. Let’s get on with the issues at hand right now: health care, the war, the economy, oil, supreme court justices and getting Obama elected.

And finally, let’s also not forget that Elizabeth has forgiven him. If anyone has a say over whether he should or shouldn’t be forgiven, it is her. If she says we should get over it, then we should.

But can I just say this?

Edwards, ya rat-bastard, you better be spending every single ounce of energy you have right now taking care of your wonderful wife. She forgave you and you should be extraordinarily grateful. If you weren’t able to make your campaign and – more importantly – your marriage the priority over this affair before, please please do right by her NOW will you?



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8 responses to “Edwards: Getting Mad and Getting Over It.

  1. The thing that gets me is he was apparently still having the affair while his wife was battling cancer. That’s extra slimy.

  2. I chalk it up to small penis syndrome. It’s a well known ailment among men in power. Or so I hear.

  3. It was slimy, agreed (even more so when we know about the cancer and his “family values” stance). And the decision lacks intelligence. And it underscores that fact that, no matter how moralistic or idealistic in speech, we can’t always trust what our politicians say…..

    That being said, I think the real reason that so many are upset is that it draws away from the real issues. In this time when issues like the economy, health care, foreign policy, and education are so incredibly important, in time when we are in a landmark election, Edwards made it EASY for the conservatives to draw attention away from the real issues. He basically handed them an out card on a silver platter. They can argue this in news forums for weeks, and take the attention away from the fact that the conservatives have the less popular candidate with the less popular (or any real/helpful) solutions to these problems.

    This is the the big reason I am pissed. I feel for Elizabeth and his children, but the personal aspect of this is something that they have to forgive/work through. I am ticked, because, in the end, no matter how much we say “let’s move on….” we can’t. The conservatives won’t let it. It is too beneficial for them to drag it out. And there is the rub……

  4. I totally agree with you.

    Thanks for the other comment as well 🙂

  5. AHHH! that is all I can say. One for Edwards, a swift kick in the penis and one for the a-hole who decided to let the world know. Yes politicians are public figures but things like this hurt the family! Make a quick buck to destroy someone is sick!

  6. Well stated! The man is a slime. But what gets me is how he and others that have come before him are so arrogant as to think they won’t get caught. The truly believe they are above the law and above any kind of moral standard. Yes, people make mistakes, but rarely do they get away with it. Stupid stupid man.

    On a side note, thanks for visiting my blog! You will be just fine when you drop your little girl off for her very first day of kindergarten. One piece of advice…give her a hug, give her a kiss, a quick good bye and let her go. It’s not easy, but a quick exit is always best. We choose to be kindergarten teachers because we love that age and we know how to take care of them and they tearful moms!
    She’ll do great and so will you!

  7. Let’s not forgot this is the lawyer that made his living off of suing doctors and hospitals and pioneered the of blaming psychiatrists for patients who commit suicide and blaming doctors for delivering babies with cerebral palsy.

    He was slimy from the get go.

  8. Sarah

    Yeah – he’s a sleaze. And stupid. Sigh.

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