Rehabbing from BlogHer08… but Hopped Up on Twitter.

I have returned safely from BlogHer08 and slipped back into vacation life with my family. But here I sit. Vaguely slack jawed, short of breath, over-stimmed and kinda tweaked out. BlogHer08. It got to me. It’s as if my inner blogging hard drive uploaded some monstrous load of software and now it just needs to reboot before it can function at all. There is far too much to process, too many business cards to look through, pictures to upload and blogs to visit. I’m not ready to post about it (but I will be, oh, I will be). 

And oh no. A techie analogy. And I am SO not techie. What has HAPPENED to me?

See, clearly BlogHer got under my skin. Like pouring water on a Gremlin or discovering new super hero Spidie-Senses after being bitten by the BlogHer bug… there is no turning back now. Blogging is running in my veins, has me dreaming in widgets and seeing in technorati.

And do you know what else BlogHer08 did to me? Those sneaky sneaky women. Like crafty drug pushers, all whispering in the hallways between sessions “you gotta do it, you gotta try it, EVERYBODY (there) is doing it”… I DID do it. During an insane moment at a table surrounded by women silently tweeting away to one another in a frenzy, I signed up for Twitter. For the networking possibilities, I told myself. For the good of my blog, I rationalized. Uh-huh. As the 3 R’s says, I’ve drunk the Kool-aid now. There’s no turning back. A blogging Gremlin cracked out on Twitter. Get me to rehab. FAST.

So that’s really what I am doing here. I have put myself into a little bit of Blogger’s Rehab. As I type this, I am outside at our tiny family beach cottage, enjoying the peaceful world around me. I am soaking in the silence and watching the sun in the trees while the rest of the household naps. What a beautiful world this is here. Far from the conference site, the sessions, the swag. Just me and my family, together, relaxing our brains and rebooting our inner hard drives. 

However. I can’t help but notice. The birds. Do you know what they are doing? THEY’RE TWEETING.

(….if ya wanna find me on twitter you can find me at “Morningsidemom”, i’m checking it, i’m watching it, everyone thinks I am out here with my book, with my new bff – my HP – tucked safely away in my back pack. No. I am out here, hunched over, I don’t hear the birds… but I hear a whole lot of tweeting… so so much tweeting….)



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9 responses to “Rehabbing from BlogHer08… but Hopped Up on Twitter.

  1. I just got back from a beach trip and didn’t Twitter one time. In fact, I had no internet access. A blessing and curse indeed. I’m going to Twitter right now to follow you!

  2. hahah… i like your analogy! meeting up at the airport was fun.. i’m glad we got to chat. i’m going to follow you on twitter.


  3. wasn’t the conference amazing? I’m so on overload. Still. Such energy. Must get going with the twitter…Must. My hold up? Wineonthekeyboard is so long. (how long can a twitter name be?) It seems silly to use something that long. Doesn’t it? Hm.

  4. Prepare to be twittered! I am hometeamwins. See you out there sometime. Or all the time. Now, please. : )

  5. I totally understand about needing to process all that you saw. That’s how I feel about my wedding this past weekend. There’s simply no way I can blog about it just yet…it needs time to brew. I put up a few pics, but haven’t been able to get out what actually happened.

    Right on to you, for having a great time at BlogHer. If I manage to not get married again next year, perhaps I’ll go!

  6. Hey!!! I can’t believe you took the twitter plunge. I’m sure I’m not far behind, but oh man. I know it’s just a huuuge timesuck and yet another social network for me to obsessively check. Dare I?

    I can’t wait to hear about the conference!!!


  7. Zanaru


    But it is important to manage your twitter experience. If someone twitters “too much”, I only get their updates online, not on my phone. What is too much? Fir me, more than twice an hour.

    Also you can set Twitter to not update during certain times (like bedtime). Use the tools, own your tweets!

    P.S. I still have a crush on you fron BlogHer!

  8. Yes, it’s so key to MANAGE your twitter habit. Surprisingly, I have been kind of ok with it so far. Get on, read, check in and leave. Do-able! Or am I only kidding myself? Am I simply a “functioning” twitter-holic?

    I am so thrilled to have met so many wonderful new blogging friends at BlogHer! You ladies are gonna get linked up by me as SOON as I write that BlogHer post. (Darn family time during our vaca just keeps getting in the way. AS IT SHOULD. 😉 )

  9. it was good to meet you at blogher. y’know, in your pre-twitter days. 😉

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