Tim Russert, the father.

I know that it’s the day after father’s day but I feel the need to recognize another exceptional father we have actually all been mourning over the past few days: Tim Russert.

There is no doubt in all of our minds, Tim Russert was an exceptional journalist; he was whom so many of us turned to during an election or political event to thoroughly boil down the important issues. He used to exude such passion for politics; like a fired up sportscaster, he got me psyched for every debate or primary return night. I feel as if we have lost our voice of reason – as his son Luke noted, he considered himself “the questioner of the American people”. He made sure that we regular folk had a clear explanation of the issues so that we could then become informed voters. He saw his work as his calling: Tim Russert pushed hard as a journalist for the sake of OUR understanding, not for the sake of television ratings or a sound-byte. How will this election go on without him? He will be missed. He will be missed. He will be missed.

But I think what has really resonated with me while watching the coverage of his passing over the past few days, is the man I knew less about. Tim Russert – the father. It is quite clear to me now that he was an extraordinary father. There was no limit to the immense love and pride he had for his son Luke.

This morning, I watched an interview with Luke Russert and Matt Lauer. It was a wonderful interview and, selfishly, it helped my mourning process to see his son getting through this difficult time and also to “see” some Tim Russert live on in him. 

But this is what I was truly left with: Luke Russert is an exceptional young man. And it is quite apparent that Luke Russert is the man he is today because of the father he had. The lesson to be learned here is that you can truly see the “stuff” of a man through the eyes of his own child. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but Tim Russert showed no shame in unabashedly, pile it on thick, completely, 100% adoring his son – and what a son he has left the world with. I have found even more respect for Tim Russert, the father, after watching this interview. Please watch it for yourself here.

As Matt Lauer pointed out, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Cheers to the memory of Tim Russert, the father, who gave so very much to his son Luke. Happy Father’s Day to the late Tim Russert.



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2 responses to “Tim Russert, the father.

  1. Aw, that is so sad. It’s easy sometimes to forget that people in the public eye have children who depend on and look up to them.

  2. Mac Daddy and I have both been weepy and weeping since we heard the news on Friday. His son Luke was lucky to have him for a dad.

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