How to numb your brain in one week.

The only bit of knowledge I dare share with you this evening is my formula for complete and total brain nummage. This formula is hardly unique – and I fear many of you have enjoyed and subsequently suffered from this sort of forumla on many occasions. But here it goes anyway. Who knows. Maybe your brain is firing on all cylinders, and thats just boring, and you would like to figure out a way to make it stop. Read away, this plan should reeeeally do the trick.

(Note: Definition of the Caroline word “Nummage”: Having been numbed to a point of total neural failure.)

1 five year old birthday party for T. At home. With games, a star wars theme, self-frosted box cake, pinata, sprinklers, candy, music, beers, balloons, streamers, heat, wet kids, costumed kids, light sabering kids, screaming kids, and exhausted kids.

1 morning of sheer panic packing for a week’s vacation to the beach. Where are the UV shirts? Did you pack both blankies AND mickey mouse? Don’t forget the mega super value box of goldfish. Did we pack “Return of the Jedi”? No he doesn’t want “The Phantom Menace”, its gotta be “Return of the Jedi”, he’s ALLLLL about Luke getting away from Jabba and Boba Fett falling into the Sarlac Pit (…what?…). Wait. This place has STAIRS???? What place has STAIRS in Florida!!!! GET THE BABY GATE GET THE BABY GATE!!!

3 hours of driving to our beach destination. And we actually heard it. I thought it only happened in movies. But we heard it. The notoriously whined, in a continuous loop, starting after hour one: “Uhhhh… ARE WE THERE YET?”

7 of us – my fam, my brother, his wife, and one gloriously inquisitive and truly wonderful 18 month old – together, in a lovely townhouse, overlooking a Marina. …”GET THE BABY GATE UP!!!!! QUIIIIIICK!!!!!”

5 days of wake up, cereal everywhere, find the swim diapers, sunscreen, get the bathing suits on, find the noodles, floaties, toys, find the keys, pile in, go to pool, swim, chase, throw, catch children, pile into car, eat lunch, babies nap, we nap, everyone up, re-sunscreen, re-find everything, pile back in, go to beach, watch the undertow, watch them eat sand, stop them eating sand, pile back in car, realize someones swim diaper doesn’t smell so good, get back home, bathe, feed, play hard, to bed, parents hit the booze, eat, swear at the bug bites, appreciate how beautiful it all really is and how lucky we really are, collapse into bed and wake up and do it again.

4 hours back from our destination. There was a tanker explosion on I-75 a few days before and the traffic is fierce. It’s 99 degrees outside and my Saturn is in a full sweat keeping our A/C chugging while we crawl along. Nope, we are soooooo not there yet.

1 two year old birthday party for C. At the playground (thank God)! No games, but with a Mickey theme, another self frosted box cake, fruit, balloons, running, pushing swings, its way WAY too bloody hot, Popsicles, goopy cake, sticky kids, total baby meltdowns, and its done in less than 2 hours.

2 more birthday parties since. God help me if I have to eat another piece of frosted cake. Seriously. Birthday cake, the new white meat. It’s whats for dinner.

2 bad cases of diarrhea for both of my birthday boys. What? A diet of sand, salt water, pool water, mutual tub water, juice boxes, goldfish, and 5 lbs. of birthday cake aren’t going to keep the pipes working normally for my two boys? Soooo utterly shocking.

So yup. That’s my formula for total brain nummage. I am SHOCKED this post even got posted. I am SHOCKED I had the wits about me to move. mouse. to. box. that. says. “publish”. But I guess I did. So I must be coming around. The neurons are slowly starting to refire. I am getting feeling back in my frontal lobe. If I lay off the overscheduling-total-control-freak crack that leads to this horrid case of brain nummage, there may just be hope for me yet.

Stop laughing at me. It could happen.



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8 responses to “How to numb your brain in one week.

  1. Welcome home! I got back from vacation last week…… and still have bags to unpack…..

  2. Exactly why I’m not having birthday parties at my house anymore. Last year I had 16 4-year olds and their parents and a magician and too many balloon animals to keep up with (and away from the babies not included in that 16 count). I’m exhausted just reading your post. Now mix yourself a Moscow Mule!

  3. tcmom

    Thanks for the welcome back Corina!
    LOL Ilinap! Cheers to that! See now, my zombie state is absolutely MY fault. I completely put too much in one week. BUT the self run b-day parties are my silent protest against farming out b-day parties to the tune of $400+. However, home or not, I’m not sure there is ANY way to avoid the exhaustion. 16 kids at your house? ACK! I had 10 w/ parents and felt totally over-run. But everyone had fun, the pinata was the most expensive single item, and really my pickled brain was the only downfall of it all. Oh and my ceiling fan almost got its ass kicked when a helium balloon got wrapped up in it. Both the fan and I are recovering however. And thank God birthdays come only once a year.

  4. So, um, you had fun?

  5. tcmom

    LOL – yup, I DID have fun, Holly! In that strange “with fun comes madness” sort of way! It was a wonderful get away.

  6. Haha! “Birthday cake, the new white meat. It’s whats for dinner.” You’re brilliant. Even with brain nummage. It seems like your formula is one I can’t duplicate, but I bet I could make up my own formula for brain nummage. I’ll let ya know!

  7. Yeah, I can’t imagine why you would have any desire to cuss. It’s so easy to stay sweet and swear free under the circumstances… hahaha! Great post. Found you over at Surrender Dorothy, hence the references to cussing. Just in case your mom is reading… 🙂

  8. Jennifer Greene

    Your blog reminded me the last year birthday party for my 5 year old boy. ilinap is right.. too many kids, too many moms or grandmoms. It took me a week to clean up and once while I still found some gold fish “in” the couch, and even in the bed of the cat. For the whole day, my cat was hidding because of too many people.

    Anyway, any ideas on how I get out of the birthday party for a 6 year old boy? :p

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