Gone to the beach.


That’s right. Sun, sea, sand, some tunes, some sand toys, some beachy drinks. Swimming way out so the kids can’t get me. Scanning the horizon for dolphins. Sunblock everywhere – maybe I’ll get a “harmless” tan …if there is such a thing. Watching the kids play, so proud they do so well with the water. Making sure no one throws sand. Building castles, yup, I’ll be right there to help. Stop throwing sand at your brother. Sand in my sandwich and sand in the CD player. Sand in a diaper. Sopping wet swimmie diapers. T. has to poop and where is the closest potty? Hauling stuff everywhere. Sunburns. Stop throwing sand at your brother. Sand crunching in C’s teeth. Hysterical crying fits when we leave the beach. Stop throwing flip flops at your brother. Wet everything. Sandy everything. Constantly hungry and everything costs 5 times what it should. Baths, showers, towels hung out to dry, a beer or 6, tuck kids in bed, and turn the tunes back on to watch the sun set.

And realize there is no internet access. Deep breaths. Its only 5 days!

Tell me to shut up and enjoy myself.  



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2 responses to “Gone to the beach.

  1. Wow, have fun!

    I hate that crunchy sand-in-your-teeth feeling….

  2. Nothing worse than sand in the nether regions! I’m so glad to have two potty trained boys for our beach outings this year.

    Why must they have to poop at the most inopportune times?!

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