Hil, I’m officially out…

While scrubbing loop after loop of crazy pencil markings off my kitchen walls this morning (thanks for that, C…. #$%@!), I finally came to the conclusion that I am no longer at all on the fence between our two potential democratic nominees. Last night, I sat stunned watching pundits rehash Hillary’s comments about the viability of her candidacy and then mentioning RFK’s assasination happening to occur in June also. Seriously, Hil, WTF?

Honestly, being the eternal optimist, I really reeeeaally want to believe she didn’t mean it the way it came out. Tell me she was just tired, right? Tell me she meant that her husband didn’t wrap it up until June and RFK was still wrapping his race up in June also and that mentioning him had NOTHING to do with his assisination, not really. Right? Even though discussions and concerns about the potential threat of assisnation have surrounded the Obama camp for some time. Its just GOTTA be a bad coincedence… right? She’s not THAT calculating, she can’t possibly be that on top of whats she saying at every moment to have planned that to come out the way it did. Right?

I dunno. And because I really DON’T know, I’m out.

Blogger Queen of Spain has it right. She’s honestly jumped the shark. I think that was all a lot of us needed to finally push away from her table and say “no thanks”. Can you imagine if she said something like that as the democratic nominee? I would be freaking out.

But (as all our politicians like to say), let me be clear. I am pretty sad about pulling out on Hillary. I know Obama has been my front runner for a few months now but, I’m sad. There is a lot of good in her campaign. There is a lot of great change she COULD make. But right now, I simply just don’t trust her. I am questioning her intentions. And as soon as I start doing something like that, it means I really can’t back her with a full heart.

Good luck, Hillary. I know your ride isn’t over. I’m just hopping off right now. If my opinion counts for anything, I don’t think you’re our answer for President. Thanks anyway, though.




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7 responses to “Hil, I’m officially out…

  1. I know this comment doesn’t go with this post but I wanted to send a great big thanks to your dad for serving. Please give him a big hug from me and tell him his service was greatly appreciated.


  2. tcmom

    Trish – thanks and I will pass it on to him! Altho he is/has been technically a civilian working for USAID or the State Dept., he has done so much for our country and I am extremely proud of him. And since he is retired now, I keep telling him to start up a hobby, relax, go fishing… but no, he is off traipesing around Vietnam as I write this. I think I owe a post about him in the very near future. Thanks again!

  3. The hardest choice for Democrats- i have flip flopped so many times. I am just happy I live in WI, were primaries were actually exciting and not so cut throat.
    PS love your taglines at blogher, linked through there!

  4. tcmom

    Thanks for your post Susan! Its been such a hard choice to make. I guess it feels good to finally have made a choice but doesn’t feel good to have made that choice based on trust rather than real issues. I still feel kind of sad about it but also very excited about Obama. So fun you are in WI got to ENJOY the primaries! All I got in FL was a vote that didn’t count for squat! LOL.

  5. I’ve been a giant Obama fan for a long, long time. I was on board with Hillary for a good while until I realized that the main reason I supported her was to see a woman in the White House. I decided that wasn’t reason enough. And this was all before her latest gaffes. Sure, she’s smart, tough, dedicated, and strong. But that’s not enough for me. Obama has me energized like never before. Welcome to the Big O! The North Carolina primary was a fun ride, and there’s more work to do to turn this ship blue!

  6. tcmom

    Thanks for the welcome ilinap! 🙂

  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Basque!!

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