After winter, must come spring.

After a long day yesterday, I sat down in front of the TV to put on my running shoes. I was certainly NOT running (eww), but I have been trying to escape every evening for a walk with my ipod in hand and my thoughts for company. As I was tying up my shoes, my man, Keith Olbermann was just getting warmed up on MSNBC. And right before I grabbed my ipod, he announced he would be making a “special comment” tonight about, my scumbag, George Bush. As a teaser, he mentioned the fact that Bush had decided he had quit playing golf out of “respect” for those that have died in Iraq. Ohhhh, this was gonna be good. I had to be back in time to watch.

So off I went, into the evening. Sun already set, the Florida air was finally cool, sprinklers on, people walking their dogs before it was finally dark, cars coming home from work and pulling into driveways.

It feels so good to move, GET OUT and be child free in that moment. But my mind wandered back to our president’s sacraficed golf game. His enormous ego, complete lack of responsibility and general stupidity makes me want to spit. And then the news in general right now. Iraq is as bad as its ever been. And I haven’t even touched on the topic of Myanmar or the earthquake in China because it is so horrifying, I can’t even do the topic justice. I have no idea how to even wrap my brain around the kind of loss they have suffered. I have no idea how to understand it, process it or make any kind of peace with it. And now Clinton is still holding on, tenacious however still suported. I respect her for this, but I’m so discouraged that we still don’t have a nominee. And the talk that her votes wouldn’t go to Obama anyway, and then recent discussions that race might play more of a role for voters than I ever expected. We are unsettled, we aren’t working forward towards resolution. We are spinning our wheels. So, yeah, I was a little bummed out.

And then my ipod shuffled and up popped a song by Lauryn Hill called “Everything is Everything”. I have mentioned before how music can change me. Well, this song did some magic.

Sometimes it seems
We’ll touch that dream
But things come slow or not at all
And the ones on top, wont make it stop
So convinced that they might fall
Let’s love ourselves then we can’t fail
To make a better situation
Tomorrow, our seeds will grow
All we need is dedication

Let me tell ya that,
Everything is everything
Everything is everything
After winter, must come spring
Everything is everything

Everything is everything
What is meant to be, will be
After winter, must come spring
Change, it comes eventually

Ok, I feel some hope. This change can happen. We can do this. Just push forward. My walking pace was at full speed by this point. I still refused to run (eww), but I felt fast and able and suddenly a little hopeful.

When I got home, I pulled off my shoes, grabbed some water and saddled up to watch Olbermann give his special comment. After winter, must come spring. 

I give you, my man, Keith Olbermann and his Special Comment.


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