I’m a Democrat, not an Obamacan.

I did it. I put an Obama ’08 bumper sticker on the back of the Momvan, MOSTLY to reassure MYSELF this nomination is not going to be stolen.

I read Queen of Spain’s post and I am so jealous. *I* want to put a bumper sticker on my car. I have zero car vanity issues, Florida needs to see democratic support, I am 100% ready to do it. But I won’t. Not quite yet.

Why not? I mean, yeah, Obama is the man – no doubt. His sticker belongs on the dusty bumper of my Saturn for sure, I’ve got a spot all picked out. And that’s something because it wasn’t always Obama. At the start, I wanted to make sure we got someone experienced in there who knew what he or she was doing. I wanted smart, not just cool. I wanted a known commodity, someone who had a real plan – who might even “be ready on day one”. And a women’s college graduate? I mean, duh, Hillary seemed a shoe in for my vote. And she even got it during that Florida primary. Remember that primary that didn’t count for jack? Yup, I still showed and flew my Hillary colors.

But I guess its a good thing it didn’t count. Because now I feel like the insane politicking and the creepy Clinton mafia thing has kind of gotten in the way. She’s always been a little calculating but now its kind of starting to freak me out.

And Obama represents so much hope for this country. He is smart. He’s got an amazing plan. He is something we have never seen before; he is honest, in touch and a true leader. He will turn it around for us. I know it.

But here’s the thing. Its not so much that I want to put his sticker on my car. I want to put THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE on my car. I want our party unified and moving forward. And right now it feels like our country has three parties: The Obamacans, The Hillaryats, and The McCainians. And while The Obamacans and The Hillaryats slowly circle each other in gladiator fashion with their audience frothed for a blood letting, McCain is slickly doing his thing and he is getting away with it. While we are all fixated on who is interviewing which democratic candidate this week (O’Reily? Olberman? The View?), McCain is hardly being called to the carpet on boo. Enough already. We Democrats have gotten caught up in the glamour of this and have become a little too self confident. We know we have two cool candidates and we assume its just a matter of which one of OURS will win. IS IT?

Come ON already. I am not an Obamacan. I am a democrat. And I want to proudly slap that democratic candidate’s sticker on my car and parade it around. While Obama seems to be my man, I will 100% back whoever gets the nomination. Let’s find our person, let’s all get behind him or her and focus our attention and resources on beating McCain. Not each other. Sheesh.


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One response to “I’m a Democrat, not an Obamacan.

  1. God, I so want to live the battle cry of party unity. I have a Democratic donkey T-shirt that is worn and tattered. I just bought the man’s version for my husband. I had a donkey sticker on my car…that I just ripped off to replace with an Obama sticker. I am committed to Obama, and perhaps with some naivete or displaced hope, I think my sticker will be with me for the long haul to November. Tomorrow you will see me sporting my Obama Mama T-shirt when I go cast my vote in North Carolina’s historic primary. You can see me at http://dirtandnoise.com/ wearing the same shirt. Check out the Moms and Dads for Barack Obama video we made.

    And so I sign off with bated breath, crossing all fingers, toes, appendages, and those of my children for an Obama victory tomorrow.

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