Coupon Karma

When my second son was only a few weeks old, I found myself in the baby aisle at Target trying to wrap my head around the cost of baby formula. (Yes, yes, I was breast feeding 95% of the time, but formula allowed a little something I knew very little of now and again… freedom.)  A large can of Similac was going to cost me $25. It just seemed outrageous. But suddenly, there it was. Propped up against all of those blue cans was a $5.00 coupon for a can of formula. Someone had just left it there and now that can was going to cost me only $20!  I looked around, was there anyone to thank? I really was so grateful, every dollar counts and this counted for so much.  From that moment on, I have sworn to and practiced something I like to call “Coupon Karma”. 

So now, every Sunday, as I pour through the coupon section of the paper, I clip madly away. I have all of my coupons sorted out. Coupons for me, coupons for my friend down the street that I promptly drop off in her mail box, and the “good” coupons (especially for baby supplies) that I don’t need that are saved for donation. As I go about my shopping later in the week, I pull out coupons and then place them accordingly. If I am organized, it hardly takes any time. And then, if I get lucky, I even find coupons for items I need that I didn’t have a coupon for! Maybe Coupon Karma is catching on! The most rewarding part of this practice is actually handing over a coupon to an unsuspecting fellow customer. They are, of course, surprised. But then, they are really truly remarkably grateful someone took the time to help them save 55c. I know, its just 55c. But its 55c I know I’d want back in my pocket in the same situation. No need for thanks ma’am, just doing my job. Coupon Karma – try it out yourself… 

Anyway, here’s the deal. I really don’t have a whole lot to give, being home with my two boys. But this silly little practice seems like something I can give back to the universe and offer as thanks for that $5.00 I saved a couple years back. And maybe this idea appeals to you too. Whatever it might be, pay it forward. We could all use a little good karma (of any sort) now and again.


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