My Wonders of the World.


My children are amazing. No really, they are. I know, I know – I am their mother, and my opinion is hardly an objective one. But you really must appreciate what they are capable of. They are miracles of science, they defy logic, they amaze and astound. These children of mine are quite something.  

When I was twelve weeks pregnant with my eldest son, the doctor placed a small microphone on my belly and turned up the volume. There was a heartbeat. What was just a cluster of cells only weeks before had now organized itself into something with a heartbeat.  And it happened again with my second child. Just like that, these two boys had heartbeats. To this day, if I put my hand on their chest, that heartbeat is still there. Going strong – alive and well and defiantly beating on. It is an astonishing feat. 

My boys have eyes that actually see this world I live in. While I fed them as babies, I would watch them watch me – I was amazed to see my own reflection in their eyes. What did they really see? What were they thinking? Since then, they have grown into extraordinarily keen observers. They see every color, every shape, every detail – they see so much more than I ever do. My 18 month old is learning colors right now. He will find the smallest shade of green on a box of cereal. He will celebrate a purple billboard with a squeal of joy. My four year old will tell me the shape of his partially eaten meatball looks like a Dr. Seuss character. Wow. Yes, in fact it does. Every plane in the sky, every leaf that falls, every school bus that drives by – they see what I never see and they celebrate it. 

Inertia is an absolute impossibility for my children. During pregnancy, I could not imagine one child would make such a ruckus within. Could I be giving birth to puppies? When my sons came into my life, it became quite clear that these boys were automatically set in motion. Within their first year of life, they fought with every ounce of their souls to move. Kicking and thrashing about suddenly became rolling over. They rolled over endlessly until they mastered crawling which turned into pulling up and then standing, which quickly lead into walking, and finally running running running until they collapsed into a twitching heap to sleep for a (hopefully) consolidated group of hours, only to wake up, rattle their cages and demand to be set back into motion. What could possibly fuel such a force of nature? I merely feed, clothe and love them – and then I step aside.  

Did you know that a two day old child makes earwax? Who knew something that was just figuring out how to breathe would need a Q-tip so fast. Did you know my children have immune systems of steel which fight off whatever frightening viruses they should acquire eating shoes, dirt, shopping cart handles and possibly even kitty litter? Did you know they can repeat back anything you may have off handedly said as far back as a month before? 

My sons have silly toes and funny shaped ears that no relative seems responsible for. They have impossibly long eyelashes, perfect little white teeth and the softest skin imaginable. They find joy reading one book 27 times before lunchtime. They can learn a word’s meaning after you have told them its definition only once. They run faster than I can catch them, are more powerful than the batteries in their toys and can leap enormous puddles with a single bound. My sons are amazing. 

I think what may astound my husband and I most is that our boys unconditionally love and trust us. Who does that? Who hands over their hearts entirely to another human being without so much as a question, a first date, a background check, an interview – something. They arrived into our lives and loved us from the get go. To give love the way they do, to never expect anything other than “us” as their parents, to hand over their lives and simply trust that we have even the slightest clue about what we are doing… well, there is no doubt, my children are exceptionally brave.  

You are convinced now, aren’t you? These children are capable of so much more than we are as fumbling, dusty grown ups. Who made us the ones in charge? They are truly masters at what they do while I still wobble about on my parental training wheels. There is no doubt in my mind, my children are each wonders of the world. Slap two little capes on them, cue the superman theme music, turn on the wind machines and stick them up on the pedestals they belong on – my boys are amazing.



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  1. Shan D. Monium

    You rock, and your kids will write the same about YOU some day. Or just paint you a really big picture of you in your cape. Word.

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