Yup, I’m blogging… but why?

After hemming and hawing for far too long, I have finally ventured into this strange new blog world.  I have considered it for some time but just haven’t decided to make that leap. I kept asking myself, if I could even find the time, why should I blog? What do I honestly need it for? I think I finally may have the answer.

A few months back, my mother delivered an enormous dusty box to my house filled to the brim with nothing else than – gasp, horror – my old diaries. I began my first diary around 9 years old. My beloved “Annie” diary was a Christmas present and, inside of it, big loopy magic markerd letters declared that “Talitha is my best frend in the hole werld”. After filling that with quick entires and drawings of kittens, unicorns and rainbows, I just moved onto using regular spiral bound notebooks. Year after year, notebook after notebook, I had it ALLLL written down. The drama. The bad choices. The horrifying details. My life. I can barely open those notebooks without passing out from sheer horror. Its just mortifying. WHY did I write all that stuff down?? Well. I’ll tell you why. If you know me, you know I process everything I do by talking about it. And when I can’t talk, I want to write.

So why blog?

Well, those diaries spelled it out clearly enough. Blogging will allow me that outlet. But why not just start another diary? This blogging business had always seemed rather self indulgant. I mean, honestly, who wants to read these silly thoughts and rambles? And do I want to put such silly thoughts and ramblings on display, for the public to openly roll their eyes at? Lord knows I am *this* close to grabbing a can of lighter fluid and being done with that box of diaries once and for all. 

So back to the question – why blog?  

I think I will leave it at this. My brain needs this blog like a mouse needs an exercise wheel. After 5 years of mothering, I am going to shake out some mental cobwebs, and stretch my thinking legs a bit. And maybe now and then I will invite those that are close to me to watch this spectacle. Maybe I can amuse and entertain! I certainly have very little to hide but I have a LOT to ramble about. If you are with me already, enjoy this very silly ride.


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One response to “Yup, I’m blogging… but why?

  1. Sue

    Hi Caroline,
    Nothing could be better than you doing a blog…I see it as your first step towards writing a book…which at some point will be in your future…I can just feel it (we’ll confirm that with the psychic this summer)…so…cheers to you…write your heart out…a lot of us will be listening! xo, Sue
    PS…hope I’m doing this right…never went on a blog before!

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